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Jaguar E-Pace D240 R-Dynamic HSE (2018) Review – Kitten In High-Heels

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Editor: Jason "The Bok" Date - 19 Dec 2018 Jaguar as a brand is revered for building incredibly tasty looking sports cars and luxury saloons, however, a couple of years back they gave us the very sporty F-Pace SUV,...

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Unboxing & Review – 2018’s Best Smartphone

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Editor: Jason "The Bok" - Date: 18 Dec 2018 While the 2018 year is drawing to a close, it seems fitting that Huawei, the world's currently second largest smartphone maker have brought us a device, which in my opini...

Subaru Outback 3.6 R-S ES Premium (2018) Review – Simply Does It All

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Editor: Jason "The Bok" - Date: 03 Dec 2018 Wagons, Subaru has been building them for years and let's hope that they never stop! This is the latest-generation Subaru Outback, and it's simply excellent! Subar...

Lexus IS 300h (2018) Launch Review – The Luxury Sports Sedan With Distinction

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Associate Contributor: Leon Mayo - Date: 27 Nov 2018 Lexus has always introduced some of the most striking designs in the automotive market. Coupling sharp angles and lines in order to create a vehicle of striking ...

BMW i3 – Meet George Jetson

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  Editor: Jason "The Bok" - Date: 19 Oct 2015 I was recently lucky enough to attend BMW and SMG's vehicle showcase at the beautiful Lanzerac Hotel & Spa in Stellenbosch. At the event, I was able to show...

Make your stupid TV become smart! – Maslow Piko

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Jason of TechnoBok Un-boxings takes a look at the Maslow Piko, an amazing little device the size of your thumb, which turns any HDMI output device into an Android powered PC