2015 Mini iStore Instadrive

Editore: Jason the “Bok” – Date: 11 June 2015

Having just attended the 2015 iStore Mini Instadrive event, its fair to say that these two premium brands are still at the pinnacle of their game. The fluidity of the iPhone 6 coupled with the class, style and spunk of the 2015 Mini Cooper S made this an unforgettable experience


Upon leaving the iStore, the team of eager drivers were met with a fleet of shinning new Mini Coopers. Like a kid entering a candy store, all drivers were eager to jump behind the wheel’s and take these boy pocket racers for a spin around the gorgeous Cape coastline.

Mini - TB1

The 2015 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works Edition features:

– 170 kw of pocket rocket power

– 320 Nm of torque

– Acceleration in a blistering quick 6.3 secs from 0 – 100 km/h

– 246 Km/h Top Speed

– 6.7 L per 100 km consumption

Mini - TB3

Very impressive figures, especially when you consider the premium look, feel and overall style, as well as the ability to boast that you too drive a Cooper!

The latest generation Mini Cooper handles just as you would expect! It is very well planted to the road and makes you feel like a kid whizzing around a large go-kart track, rather than a mundane trip to the supermarket.

Mini - TB5

Creature comforts are exceptionally well catered for, with the optional central entertainment centre spec that I had in my test vehicle, every imaginable Mini tech feature was offered. From Facebook on-the-go, to the option of satelite radio integration, MP3, DVD etc etc etc.

I absolutely love the way in which the central instrument binnacle illuminates in a variety of mood colours to go with your choice of media selection.

Mini - TB2

Both the drive, styling and tech in the 2015 Mini Cooper is everything we have come to expect from a brand which has such premium roots, and remains the chariot of choice for many of the worlds top models and celebs. I was very impressed with the overall BMW grade package being offered and can easily see why the Mini Cooper remains a very steady choice in the hot hatch market.

With auto gearbox option which I drove sitting at R440,000 it is not exactly steep, but to the Mini’s defence this is a very impressive and premium product, with enough brand show, to keep it flashing it’s way all the way down the red carpet.

Mini - TB4

For more details or to enter, visit: http://myistore.co.za/iphoneography/ and take the iPhoneography challenge

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