Editor: Jason “The Bok” – Date: 30 Nov 2015

2015 has been a very exciting year, having experienced many exciting things, including some serious performance cars, comfortable cruisers and high-end tech. There are few cars out there however, that could have had me more excited than this!


Taking a look at the above image, it’s pretty obvious that it was with extreme excitement, when I cracked the nod to be among the first ever group to drive this racing stallion in it’s right hand drive variant, at it’s launch in beautiful Cape Town.

3With my co-driver East Coast Radio and Igntion TV’s DJ Deon Govender, the day was spent exploring the simply breath taking coastline of the Western Cape. Having driven both the 5.0 V8 with 306kw and 530 NM torque and the 2,3 L  EcoBoost engine delivers 233kw and 430 NM of torque. Both engines make the car perform exceptionally well, with my preference being the 5.0 V8, it’s engine burble is hard to contend with!

7It’s a good job that Ford have done such a spectacular job with the handling of the vehicle. It’s wide profile, and independent suspension means that it quite literally will crease the road before letting go of grip.

When you step inside the 2016 Mustang for South Africa, you are immediately in-cased in a world of sporty luxury. The seats are offered as standard in black leather, and the dash is paneled in a silver aluminium style. It does looks exceptionally slick, and I love the use of the Mustang badges and the vehicles historical era “Double Brow” dash.

10Media and entertainment is offered up, thanks to Ford’s clever SYNC 2 system which we have come to love through much of their product line-up. I really love the fact that the latest generation Mustang shares its instrument cluster with that of the original and that it can be completely customised by the user in terms of interior lighting colour. This clever colour changing also extends throughout the compartment and doorsills.

11Further historic design elements come in the way silver these cool driver setting toggles found in the centre of the cabin (see below)







I think the overall message of the new Mustang is clear. Ford have re-introduced an icon to South Africa and it’s presence will be felt. With prices ranging from R699’000 to R899’000 and every imaginable option as standard, the rest of the automotive market will need to be on the look-out for the special stallion.

Check out my video review of the amazing launch event: A huge thank you to Ford South Africa for making this possible!







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