Editor: Jason “The Bok” – Date: 18 Oct 2016

How does the dictionary define the word civic?


“a meeting of civic and business leaders.” With a dictionary definition like this and Honda’s recent withdraw of the executive Accord model from the South African luxury sedan car market, let’s take a look at the all-new 2016 Honda Civic 1.5T Sport and see if it can fit into this luxury dominated gap in the market.

The Style

The first thing which is immediately evident with the all-new Civic is that it is a revolutionary new design from the ground up. The new Civic looks incredibly futuristic and is a massive departure from the more conservative civic we saw a couple of years back.

honda-civic-tb4I am a massive fan of this new styling, the new Civic looks as incredible on the road as it does in front of the camera. Since 2006, with the 8-th generation Honda Civic, Honda began introducing much more space aged designs. The Civic was their first vehicle to introduce “triangular” style tail pipes, and design elements, which were more at home on the Saturn 5 rocket. With this 1.5T Sport model of Civic, it is the first time that the Civic in many years has featured rear spoiler as standard.

On the styling front, the all-new Civic looks incredibly pretty and Honda really have excelled in my opinion.

Interior Space & Comfort

As space-aged as the exterior is, the interior also combines a blend of premium modern materials. The overall cabin space is both a blend of high-end quality and minimalistic surfaces in its approach.

civic6The instrument cluster is now fully digital and clearly, represents your driver based information and selected drive modes. As the all-new Civic steps up to take the market space previously reserved for the Honda Accord, overall interior and boot space is also considerably increased, with the addition of a lot of further comfort.

honda-civic-tb2The boot within this all-new Civic is said to house 430-litres of cargo carrying capacity.


To the centre of the dash, you see Honda’s ever present 7-inch touch-screen based multimedia system. The entire system is Android-based and gives you access to everything from an image gallery to a calculator, web browser and of course a multitude of media delivered through either USB, HDMI, Auxiliary Jack, or Bluetooth Streaming.

Whilst the system appears a bit generic in terms of the overall graphical user interface, it is easy to navigate and allows media to be delivered even through linking your own  mobile device through services, such as Apple CarPlay.

Handling & Power Delivery 

The new Civic 1.5T Sport features a CVT (continuously variable transmission) based drive train. While CVT systems are usually mated to engines which produce shortened peak torque bands. With the new Civic, thanks to a torque converter, the engine shifts smoothly and the power delivery is consistent overall.

honda-civic-tb3With its 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine, the all-new civic produces 220 Nm of torque through the rev range of between 1700 – 5500 rpm.

Onto The Cost

The Civic 1.5T Sport model costs R430,000. Though the previous Civic sedan came in cheaper, when you consider the overall wealth of interior space, premium materials and advanced technology on offer in the all-new model, the Honda comes in fighting very hard.

The Civic also includes many safety systems, such as dual front, side and curtain airbags, as well as a system known as AHA (agile handling assist), which helps keep the vehicle controlled and levelled on the road, should the vehicle detect abnormal body roll or movement.

Included in the price is also, rear PDC, a backing-up camera, 8-speaker audio system, cruise control and heated front seats, but to name a few of its standard features.

The Conclusion

This latest generation Honda Civic feels more premium and substantial than any of its predecessors. With its overall futuristic styling, wealth of creature comforts and premium to the touch materials, this all-new model is well worth a test drive.

Watch below my full video review to see what it’s like to drive:

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