Editor: Jason “The Bok” Date – 12 Aug 2016

The blueprint for creating an executive saloon car is rather simple, it must be fast, spacious and most of all offer a sublime level of luxury. It is for this reason that Mercedes-Benz has the E-Class, BMW has the 5-Series and Audi have the A6, but what happens if you feel as if these are all a bit too clinical? While all the vehicles in this class may be a delight to drive, they are not necessarily all very sporty. It is for this reason you might want to consider taking a look at the latest generation Jaguar XF.

XF - TB - 1The Jaguar manages to strike a healthy balance between dynamic performance and the luxurious silky ride you expect from a sports saloon. Wearing its R Sport guise, the 25t edition certainly looks the part. Finished off in Glacier White, the XF is an incredibly handsome beast, especially as it rides on its 20-inch multi-spoke twin-tone rims.

XF - TB - 2Of course, this being Jaguar the emotion which it immediately invokes when you first catch a glimpse of its racing slick profile, is one of speed, power, and performance. With an output of 177 Kw and 340 Nm of torque, the turbocharged petrol 4-cylinder powerplant within the XF 25t delivers commendable performance.

XF - TB - 5The 0 – 100 Km/h sprint is handled in a mere 7.0 seconds. A very impressive achievement for a saloon offering the luxuries and toys offered within this Jaguar. With the R Sport package, the mighty XF also handles any tight bend which the road can throw at it, and offers and incredibly planted and communicative steering experience.

XF - TB - 3The cabin within the latest generation XF gives a sense of air, light and overall space. Though its red and black racing lines coset you in a snug manner at all times. The minimalistic dashboard is adorned in fine leathers and gently bathed in the warm glow of its ambient lighting. With twelve available colours to choose from as part of the lighting package, your ride can easily take you from a relaxed state to a “deep red” racing state of mind. The XF also still features the Jaguar party piece swiveling air vents and gear selector when you fire the pulsating red starter button to life.

XF - TB - 4Multimedia and entertainment come in the form of the modern Jaguar Land Rover multimedia interface. With its 12,3-inches of screen real estate and “metro-tile” styled user interface, everything is displayed boldly and can easily be controlled by simple touch. Delivering quality sound is an order of high priority within Jaguar and this is all sent through its Meridian digital audio system. The vehicle is also fitted with a spattering of different cameras, which can be operated even while driving to better give a sense of overall road command. Build quality within the Jaguar interior is solid, but it feels slightly less long-lasting than perhaps some of its German counterparts.

XF - TB - 9Space was an area of  some concern amongst previous generation XF owners. The latest generation addresses this issue with an overall increase in rear passenger legroom and vehicle roofline headroom.

Overall verdict

With its racing stance, aggressive styling and equally aggressive performance, the Jaguar XF 25t is able to deliver an athletic drive coupled with eye-popping beauty. Sitting within this highly demanding segment, the XF manages to offer a different approach to luxury saloon motoring and has the ability to look just as good parked, as it does lapping a tight bend along the coastline.

XF - TB - 6With a current SA price of R856,526 which includes a 3-years/100,000km warranty and a 5-years/100,000km maintenance plan, the latest generation puts up a very good fight against its closest competitors and manages to offer its own unique Jaguar charm.

Watch below my video review, to see what the Jaguar XF 25t is like to drive:

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