Editor: Jason “The Bok” – Date: 24 June 2016

A couple of years back, when people spoke about the Mercedes Benz A-Class, they were referring to a kind of MPV for the soccer mom. In the year 2012, the Mercedes Benz A-Class morphed into an extremely bold, funky and much more youthful compact car. With the latest generation A-Class taking some of its bold styling from previous Mercedes Benz concept designs and the more recent CLA Class.

Mercedes A250 - TB3With its hatchback profile, sleek sporty lines and bearing the Mercedes Benz hertigate rich three pointed star, the A-Class was set to take global markets by storm. Fast forward to 2016 and you see the car below. The incredibly sleek Mercedes Benz A250 Sport featured below with the AMG performance kit.

Mercedes A250 - TB1Mercedes A250 - TB9Sport is definitely in the A250 Sport’s DNA. For starters the vehicle is scattered with sport badges and racing orientated touches throughout the body. These touches include blackened large alloys, a wide flared body kit and even gorgeous black and red contrasting touches everywhere.

Mercedes A250 - TB8When you climb inside the A250 Sport, you are definitely in for a ripe old treat. Firstly you step into a world of red and black contrasting materials and cabin textures. Everything is very premium and the vehicle is fitted with every imaginable active and passive driver assistance feature you could ever wish for!

Mercedes A250 - TB12aThe vehicle used for my review, was fitted with many options and has every imaginable bell and whistle. Starting with its large 8″ Mercedes Benz Command screen in the centre. All media is controlled using the jog dial. Media is delivered through either USB, or any other imaginable source. The latest generation Mercedes vehicles also now integrate Apple Car Play and Android Auto. This allows for streaming and casting of your mobile device and media to be delivered through any mobile source as well. I had lots of fun listening to my favourite European radio shows, thanks to streaming via my mobile telephone.

Mercedes A250 - TB7If you don’t want to take your hands off of the wheel. The Mercedes also features Linguatronic, this allows for voice imput and control of everything from the navigation system with POI’s and 3D mapping, to input of your favourite audio track or used for dialling numbers from your mobile telephone. This latest generation Mercedes Benz A-Class really does a very impressive job handling media and entertainment.

Mercedes A250 - TB5In terms of driver aid and assistance systems, the Mercedes A250 Sport which I have been driving has been fitted with many options. The systems include a clever lane departure warning system, which illuminates a red triangle in either the driver or passenger mirror, if a vehicle is within your blindspot. The vehicle also features the Mercedes Benz Parking Assist system, this allows the vehicle to scan for parking spots using a radar guided system, and safely maneuver the vehicle into a parallel parking spot.

Mercedes A250 - TB12Owing to its low profile and fairly wide body, the Mercedes Benz A250 Sport feels incredibly poised and planted on the road. Although its low chin requires that you are careful when driving the A250 Sport on the bumpy roads and driveways around the Cape, it does make for a very precise road feel. When you couple this dynamic chassis with the Mercedes A250 Sport’s 2.0 litre four cylinder turbocharged engine, power delivery is very impressive. The on paper stats include:

– 0 – 100 Km/h in +- 6,5 secs

– 155 Kw Power ;  350 Nm Torque

– Top Speed (limited to 240 Km/h)

– Manufacturer Claimed Combined Consumption ( +- 7 litres/100km)

At the end of the day, the Mercedes Benz A250 Sport is a very impressive automobile. Its stunning good looks, dynamic drive and wealth of power make it a very worthy candidate to wear the Mercedes Benz three pointed star. With its price set at just above R525,000, it is on the pricey side, especially compared to its main competitor, the Volkswagen Golf GTi, however this being said, the Mercedes is a very elegant vehicle and makes for a superb driving machine.

Mercedes A250 - TB4To see my drive in the Mercedes Benz A250 Sport, kindly click on the video below:

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