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Cars come in all shapes and sizes, but arguably one of the most sleek and sensual designs is the coupé. This is certainly the case when it comes to the new Mercedes-Benz C Coupé. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class range has always been a very attractive and solid offering and as a result won many awards both locally and internationally.

Now in its latest incarnation, the W205 model Mercedes-Benz C Coupé is more advanced and looks far sexier than any of its predecessors!

C-Coupe TB-5The word “coupé” defines a two-door vehicle which is sporty in nature and as a result evokes a powerful sense of emotion and accomplishment. Job done, the all-new C-Coupé is by far the most attractive two-door C-Class ever, borrowing much of its sporty charm, from its older and much more expensive sibling, the Mercedes-Benz S-Coupé.

C-Coupe TB-1Looks are just the beginning

The all-new C-Coupé is as much about a dynamic, technological driving experience as it is about good looks. With many of the high-tech active, passive and driver aid systems lifted straight off one of the world’s most advanced automobiles, the S-Class.

This being said, the all-new C-Coupé now features systems such as radar-guided cruise control, lane-keep assist, a spattering of camera’s throughout the vehicle, in order to create a 360-degree birds-eye view of your vehicle. There is also a HUD (heads up display) but to name a few of its optional driver assistance features.

C-Coupe TB-No Logo1My review vehicle was fitted with a couple of pricey options, which I must say made driving the already very special C-Coupé and even more pleasant experience. The extras included the Bermeister Audio system, which allows audio to be delivered in a 3D “concert hall” style manner. Also on offer, was the Mercedes-Benz Command multimedia interface, this is a large screen floating in the centre of the dash, which is all controlled through the central jog dial. The system can also be controlled through gesture based handwriting input, voice or simply using the jog wheel.

C-Coupe TB-9I found the Command system takes some time to get used to, however, when you master the system and its operation, you have access to navigation compliments of Garmin mapping technology.

The ability to use Google search tools, browse the web, as well as make use of Mercedes-Benz apps to feature media from your favorite internet-based radio station, in addition to media being delivered through a culmination of Bluetooth streaming, USB thumb drive support, a 3,5mm audio socket, a multimedia memory card and of course your regular wave based audio stations.

C-Coupe TB-6All the technological advancements within the new C-Coupé are coupled with a bespoke, high quality and beautifully appointed cabin.

The Power Plants

The all-new C-Coupé is available with a couple of different petrol and diesel engines, ranging from C200 petrol, all the way through to the flaming hot C63 AMGs Coupé. The vehicle is also available in a diesel C220d variant.

I drove the C220d, which makes use of an efficient in-line 4-cylinder engine, which delivers 125Kw of power. The overall power delivery of the C220d is solid and power is available throughout the rev range thanks to its wealth of diesel torque (400Nm). Despite impressive fuel economy and power, I personally find a petrol based engine note more pleasing and fitting when mated to a coupé like body, which is as attractive as the C Coupé.

C-Coupe TB-No LogoConclusion

The latest generation Mercedes-Benz C-Coupé epitomises the definition “Dynamic Sports Coupé,” coupling an overall very pleasing drive, wealth of technology and perhaps most importantly achingly beautiful looks from every angle. With its sheer presence and bespoke grade interior, Mercedes-Benz really has created another very special automobile in this new C-Coupé.

SA Pricing (As at time of publish)

Model Recommended Retail Price (Incl. VAT,
excl. C02 Tax)
CO2 Tax (incl. VAT)
C 200 R 551 100 R 2 508
C 220 d R 592 700 R 0
C 300 R 660 300 R 4 218
Mercedes-AMG C43 R 894 400 R 7 182
Mercedes-AMG C63 R 1 268 700 R 10 146
Mercedes-AMG C63 S R 1 382 000 R 10 146

The C-Class Coupe comes standard with a class-leading 6-year / 100 000 km PremiumDrive maintenance plan. If buying the diesel, take note that the Mercedes-Benz C220d (as tested) is exempt from CO2 emission taxes.

Watch my video review impressions of my drive in the all-new C220d below:  

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