Editor: Jason “The Bok” –  Date: 20 May 2016

The Oxford dictionary describes the word “Clubman” as a man who is a member of a gentleman’s club, so lets take a look at the way in which Mini describe their Clubman!

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You need to start things off with a quick look at it. The exterior styling of the latest generation Mini Clubman looks like nothing else out there. I love its bold, yet typically Mini styling and its most notable feature, its “barn style” back doors. Mini Clubman - TB4Mini’s DNA is everywhere throughout this latest generation Clubman and it all starts with its tasteful yet imposing presence on the road.Mini Clubman - TB1The vehicle which I have been driving is dressed in a colour known as Mini Brown. This off burgundy brown colour swatch compliments the style of the Clubman amazing well. Of course fashion is high priority with the Mini driver and if you drive a Clubman, you won’t be disappointed. Like a tailored trench coat, the Mini offers such a sense of occasion with its brown exterior and blue interior.Mini Clubman - TB7Light and space adorn the incredibly well appointed interior. With its navy blue cross punched leather work, ox blood piping and enough toys to entertain the child in any of us, the Clubman really is something very special.Mini Clubman - TB11Mini is a brand determined not to follow the norms of society and its this that make them so very extraordinary. How many other cars have you seen driving around with a massive glowing halo in the centre of the dash? Media and entertain is a top priority order when cruising in a Mini. In the centre of the cabin, you have a jog wheel, which allows for both media selection of the central display as well as hand writing recognition. With its clear and precise BMW i Drive style interface, navigation is quick and simple when on the fly. Media is available through every conceivable source, including: USB ; bluetooth ; satelite based radio services and of course local frequency radio channels. The media system will also play video content when the vehicle is stationary and delivers its audio beautifully, compliments of Harmon Kardon sound.Mini Clubman - TB8I love striking interior designs and the one in the all-new Mini Clubman takes my breath away! Thanks to its larger dimensions, space is also plentiful, with even more rear passenger space than you get an most family sedans on the market. Shopping is a major priority for the fashion conscious driver. With the Mini Clubman’s trademark “barn style” back doors, not only is loading up the Mini very easy, you get a very generous load area too.  Mini Clubman - TB13Having already discussed the Mini’s unique body, bold styling and fashion rich interior, what about the drive?

Well, Mini’s have always been fun cars to drive. The definition “go kart for the road,” was in fact coined for the Mini driver and despite that the Clubman being longer wider and bigger than a traditional three or five door Mini, it still manages to loose none of Mini’s typical “go kart” driving feel. With its hip hugging seats, chunky steering wheel and  an exhaust burble produced by the Cooper S engine, in the Clubman which I have been driving, only one word can describe the way it drives “WOW!”Mini Clubman - TB10The Cooper S engine produces 141 Kw of power and 280 Nm of torque, this means that power is immediate and that the Clubman is propelled from 0 – 100 Km/h in a mere 7,2 seconds. Very impressive for a vehicle lugging around the weight and size of a Clubman. Of course all this power, does result in a rather thirsty engine, there is however a green drive mode, which helps improve efficiency. More importantly, with the grin which the Mini will put on your face, fuel is the last thing you will be thinking about, while driving your Cooper S.Mini Clubman - TB2At the end of the day, the all-new Mini Clubman is best experienced. Think of it as a kind of space aged carnival coaster, which is also very good at playing chess when it needs to!

Watch my full video review below, to see my driving impressions and the experience I had in the all new Mini Cooper S Clubman:

SA Pricing:

Cooper Clubman

(M) R353 000.00 (A) R371 000.00*

Cooper S Clubman

(M) R427 500.00 (A) R447 000.00*


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