Editor: Jason “The Bok” Date: 07 Oct 2016

Small on the outside, big on the inside.

This is how I can best describe the all-new Smart ForTwo. The Smart brand is a product of Mercedes-Benz, and as a result, the Smart enjoys the benefit of a luxurious build and solidity which you come to expect from Mercedes-Benz.

smart-fortwo-tb1The latest generation Smart car is most distinguishable by its notable new face. Coupling its brand new designed grill and LED light strips, which define the headlamps, the all-new Smart offers an entirely new take on an existing compact and unique offering.

The Revolution, Revolutionised

The Smart has been an automotive revolution from its inception. For cramped streets and tight parking spots, there is simply nothing better than a Smart ForTwo. I am literally struggling to think of any other new car, which can be parked with its front bumper facing the side curb, and still not obstruct traffic. Not that I am suggesting parking this way, but it is amazing to think that the Smart is capable of pulling off this feat.

smart-fortwo-tb2The Smart also revolutionises the world of customisation. With its ability to be styled according to your individual taste, with a Smart car, you are able to customise, the dual-tone body paintwork, the grill and even the variety of interior panels. This gives you the ability to drive a vehicle which is completely unique.

The Fun Of Driving

The Smart ForTwo is powered by a mere 999 cc three cylinder capacity engine, which produces 52 kW of power and just 91 Nm of torque. Despite having about as much power as a home washing machine, owing to its lightweight body and construction, the Smart drives very well.

smart-fortwo-tb3Having used it for a week throughout the city and even a sprint on the motorway, I was not able to find any situation to which the Smart car did not manage. With a small engine also comes great fuel economy, a figure which Smart claim to average a combined 4.1-litres/100km. I averaged 6.6-litres/100km through my daily urban cycle commute.

Will I Fit?

Despite its small body and cute, minute appearance, the Smart ForTwo is actually very spacious on the inside. my height is 181 cm tall and was able to get completely comfortable when driving the Smart.

smart-fortwo-tb4This being a Mercedes-Benz offering, the Smart car offers great overall interior build quality, and despite its plastic body panel construction, the ForTwo feels very solid when on the go. Owing to its “George Jetson” round space bubble design and increased body width, the all-new Smart car feels considerably more spacious and planted on the road.

Even the boot space can be configured to your requirements and this means that depending on the seating position, boot capacity ranges from  260 – 350 litres.

Creature Comforts & Safety

The Smart ForTwo features many modern active and adaptive safety features. The Prime edition which I drove for review even had the vehicle proximity feature, which illuminates a small red triangle in your instrument cluster, should you get too close to the car ahead. The Smart also features 5-airbags as standard and thanks to its high-strengthened safety cell offers its occupants the maximum possible protection.

smart-fortwo-tb5Multimedia is taken car of compliments of the optional 7-inch touch-screen based display at the centre of the cabin. This colourful display is easy to use and provides the availability of media through a wide range of sources including; USB, Bluetooth Streaming, Device Mirror link and an audio cable.


Bluetooth StreamingDevice Mirror

Device Mirror link and,

Audio Auxiliary.

To End Off 

The Smart ForTwo provides a very chic alternative to the otherwise often mundane compact cars available on the market. With its tiny 2695 mm total length and 22,5-degree turning circle, it offers a fun and practical alternative to city commuting.

The Smart ForTwo is offered with a 2-year/unlimited km warranty and 3-year/60 000 km service plan and its price ranges from:

R174,900 – R250,000 (top spec with options)

See what it’s like to experience the unique 2016 Smart ForTwo by watching my drive below:

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