Editor: Jason “The Bok” Date – 07 July 2017

Mpumalanga – I have been with BMW South Africa at the SA media launch of the updated 4 Series. Now with sharper lines of the Coupe, Gran Coupe and Convertible models as well as modern LED lights and improved connectivity, the updated car promises to take the 4 Series into the future.

The Power 

With an array of petrol driven motors and a diesel motor available from the BMW EfficientDynamics engine division, this latest generation is available with three separate petrol derivatives in the BMW 420i, 430i and 440i, as well as the most powerful petrol engine being made available for the blistering hot new BMW M4. The 4 Series model line-up also has the availability of a single diesel engine denoted 420d.

These latest generation motors improve on both efficiency and overall driving dynamics with power ranging from 135 kW (BMW 420i) to an impressive 240 kW in the (BMW 440i). The diesel powered unit in the (BMW 420d) packs 140 kW and very efficient claimed combined fuel economy of just 4.2-litres/100 km.

All engines which I sampled were very well composed and managed to pack an impressive punch with BMW claiming overall improvements in fuel economy and reduced C02 emissions throughout all of the new line-up.

1The Dynamism

With this latest model, BMW’s engineers have paid careful attention to improving the vehicles handling and driving dynamics.

The 4 Series Coupe and Gran Coupe models now feature stiffer springs and as a result, you can certainly feel their sportier tuning, which was made especially apparent around the beautiful mountainous passes of Mpumalanga province. The overall improvements apply to both the standard and adaptive suspension layouts available amongst the various models.

Attention To Style

What is immediately most notable about the exterior is the use of re-designed and striking new LED lights both front and rear. The addition of standard LED fog lights and further enhanced air intakes around the body, add to additionally improved airflow around the vehicle and its sharpened sporting appearance.

On launch, BMW made available some of the exciting new colour palette which is offered on this latest generation 4 Series line-up including one of my favourite colour choices, known as Snapper Rocks Blue. Also added to the colour choice is a colour known by BMW as Sunset Orange. Both of these two new additions to the line-up will look great for boulevard cruising, an image which would well suit the 4 Series Cabriolet on a summer evening.

3The cabin of this latest generation is also further improved with the use of beautiful double stitching on the instrument panel as well as lashings of high-gloss piano black on the centre console. The interior also enjoys the availability of three new interior trim options

The latest generation also features on new alloy design for each of the three models being Sport Line, Luxury Line and M Sport models.

2Cabin Tech

Further updated in this latest model, the 4 Series enjoys improved cabin technology with the addition of further BMW ConnectedDrive services, which provide you with a wide range of information, entertainment and service features on the road.

Internet services, Real-Time Traffic and BMW Concierge Services also further enhance your “Office On The Go” executive experience in this latest generation 4 Series.

Watch this BMW video which showcases the new 4 Series Coupé, Gran Coupé and Convertible:

BMW 4 Series – SA Pricing  

BMW 420i Convertible: R715 400 (M) / R736 200 (A)
BMW 430i Convertible: R827 600 (M) / R848 400 (A)
BMW 440i Convertible: R985 100 (A)

BMW 420i Gran Coupe: R603 200 (M) / R624 400 (A)
BMW 420d Gran Coupe: R639 300 (M) R660 100 (A)
BMW 430i Gran  Coupe: R690 300 (M) / R711 100 (A)
BMW 440i Gran  Coupe: R861 100 (A)

BMW 420i Coupe: R603 200 (M) / R624 400 (A)
BMW 420d Coupe: R639 300 (M) / R660 100 (A)
BMW 430i Coupe: R690 300 (M) / R711 100 (A)
BMW 440i Coupe: R861 100 (A)

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