Editor: Jason “The Bok” Date – 13 Nov 2019

We were invited to take part in a discussion with Vodacom’s Chief Technology Officer Andries Delport and other key team leaders from the Vodacom Group in order to discuss the exciting aspects of 5G rollout in both Southern and the greater African continent, as well as the ever-important issue of cybersecurity.

Protect Yourself 

Cyber Security remains one of the greatest challenges facing South African businesses today. While cloud computing and the internet of things (IOT) is shaping the way in which we transact, it is pivotal to remember, that while online can be made secure, it is not inherently the case, unless the appropraite measures have been taken.

Phishing remains the primary vulnerability facing any organisantion which is connected and this is something which Sheldon Bennett, the managing executive of cyber security at Vodacom was quick to point out. He also explained that the average cost of a data breah to a large tier organisation within Southern Africa is upwards of R43-million.

5G is ready

Vodacom has always been an pioneer of the telecommunications sector. With the groups long history of brining the latest mobile trends to market, and their outlook in being a technology company, rather than just a telecommunications company, the Group announced that its 5G is ready.

Though 4G coverage remains still a key focus for the Group with the average smartphone user consumming 1.3 GB of mobile data per month, its clear that demand for 5G will be massive and see a much more rapid adoption than even that of its 2G, 3G and 4G predecessors.

If you are as exceited about seeing 5G become a reality in South Africa and later further throughout Africa, the good news is that the wait will not be long. Vodacom is currently in talks with partners and concluding its spectrum licensing agreements, which will sure see us change the way we connect and communicate.

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