Power Crisis? No need to worry the Mate7 has you covered


Another night, another power outage? No problem.

The threat of load shedding is all too real for South Africans who are learning to cope in all manner of ways. Candles, gas cooking and forever having to check that mobile devices are charged to see out the night is not uncommon.

Nothing is as disastrous for the average South African as being laid low by mobile phones, tablets or laptops with no power. We have become increasingly dependent on these devices, not only to stay in touch, but also for entertainment.

And entertainment can become an expensive past-time if load shedding results in evacuation of the home to go find a suburb with power to watch the movies, or eat out.

Huawei Mate 7 owners, however, dont have quite the same concerns. Equipped with a 4100mAh battery, the Mate7 is not only Huaweis flagship smartphone, but also the go-to solution for even the most power-hungry users. Its Li-Polymer battery represents the latest in mobile battery technology and can offer up to two days of use without the need to recharge.

Even with heavy use, up to 1,5 days of charge-free operation can be achieved.

A feature that truly sets the Mate 7 apart is the reverse charging functionality. All thats required is to plug is the special cable fitted with a female USB plug. Connect your other phone or tablets USB power cord and it will automatically be charged from the Mate 7s battery.

The secret to the phones extra-long battery life is partly due to this dual-processor design. The faster processor allows high-end functionality such as 3-D gaming and video playback at 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, while the more energy-friendly 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7 processor takes care of more standard applications such as email, messaging and web browsing.

So, even if youre left in the lurch by load shedding, you can still enjoy hours of gaming or video entertainment to keep the family happily distracted from the darkness that surrounds you. It goes without saying that you can also cut through the dark with the Mate 7s in-built flashlight, but that seems insignificant in comparison to keeping the brood occupied while you wait for the lights to come back on.

The Mate 7s customisable power saving system also provides you with flexibility and choice in how you conserve its battery charge. The Ultra, Smart or Normal power settings offer the ability to decide which services you want to suspend to save power, with the phone automatically shutting down unnecessary functions when the phone reaches the last 10% of battery life.

This means that you can preserve power for emergency calls, or to ensure you have some power to see you through the night – whether to use as a flashlight, or your early morning alarm clock.

 Its clear that Huawei Mate7 owners have the upper hand in this power crisis.

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