Acer S7 Ultrabook


– Editor : Jason “The Bok” –
Acer have produced a very high end ultrabook laptop PC, built of premium materials and running seriously high specs, this new ultra not only trounces the new style mac book air range, but in my opinion, completely thrashes it!
The new ultrabook is extremely thin, feels more like a tablet pc, yet packs a serious blow in terms of specs and computing performance. When you un-box the device, you are immediately aware that this is a seriously high end device, even the packaging feels extremely premium, and then you move onto the ultrabook and its suede sleeve, and you realise that this is a serious piece of kit.
Even the blue aura back lighten keyboard is something that will leave you and your friends powerless to do anything other than give this device a go.
My conclusion of the ultrabook laptop is that this is a very serious work horse, that also offers up proper style, and multimedia abilities, and if you are looking for a device, that is light and easy to travel with, as well as will get you noticed anywhere that you go amongst the public and those in the know with tech, this is an amazing companion to take along!

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