Editor – Jason “The Bok” – Date: 20-08-2015

Having the opportunity to review many different products, has given me the opportunity to explore all the major platforms and get a feel for how they operate. With Alcatel’s Fire E smartphone however, things are a bit different. This device features the Firefox OS platform, which is a different take on mobile operating systems, and I rather like it.


The phone has a clean simple build, and this is well in-sync with its smooth, bold and simple operating system. Alcatel have been the first to introduce a Firefox OS based device to the South African market space, and although a bold move, with competition from Android, Blackberry, IOS and Windows Mobile, I believe that this is something very exciting, and gives the user the ability to really stand-out from the crowd, all of this for a recommended retail price of ZAR1600.


A few of the Alcatel Fire E features include:

– 4.5″ IPS display with 245 PPI

– Dual Core 1.2 GHz processor with Firefox OS 1.3

– 4GB internal memory with 512 Mb RAM

– 5Mp forward facing camera with Dual LED Flash and VGA forward facing camera

– 1700 mAh battery

It does not have the most hardcore specs, but despite this, the Fire E runs very fluidly and appears to handle its applications rather well. The down side to having a very unique OS, comes from a developer point of view, the Firefox OS at the moment features a decent bundle of applications, however the use of major applications such as Whatsapp, and Gmail require the use of a third party host in order to function, and I feel that this hinders the otherwise clear, precise and fluid feel of running the Fire E.

On the whole, the fact that the Alcatel Fire E, offers exclusivity and does all this for a very affordable price, makes it something rather special, and worth taking a further look. I believe that as more app developers come on-board and increase its market place, this device will get better and better.

Check out my video review of the Alcatel Fire E:

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