Editor: Jason “The Bok” – Date: 15 June 2017

It’s not often that you hear about a country which has its police force (Carabinieri) uniforms designed by top fashion designers such as Gucci and Armani. Welcome to the way of the Italian lifestyle!

The Italians are obsessed with style and looking good and as a result, the world’s greatest supercar makers primarily all originate from a region within a couple of miles of each other. You might ask what this has to do with the car I am busy reviewing, and my answer would be “everything.”

1The Alfa Romeo Giulietta (Type 940) has been on the market from 2010 and while this may feel like an eternity in the ever changing automotive climate in which we live,  in my opinion, it is still one of the best looking family hatch designs ever! Its sculpted smooth edges, integrated rear door handles and teardrop coupe-inspired design make the Giulietta a piece of automotive artwork to the eye.

2Previously known as the QV edition (Quadrifoglio Verde), the car in question, now branded the Veloce edition is Alfa Romeo’s take on the hot family hatchback ultimate battle-axe, the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Taking on the GTI is not an easy task, the Golf is a vehicle which manages to pack the best of space, practicality and grin-on-your-face motoring, so has the Alfa Romeo Giulietta managed to pull off the task? In my opinion, the answer is very much “Yes” and “No” and I’ll explain why.

Complete Practicality, Potentially Not!

Despite being very comfortable when seated in the front of the cabin, the rear seating space is rather tight, owing to its “coupe” inspired swooping roofline and large front racing bucket seats. The interior space also falls slightly short of the Golf in terms of interior storage bins and clever places to store your belongings while on the go.

4I love a car that lets you feel the road and has poised delicate chassis, but this can definitely also be viewed as a shortcoming of the Giulietta Veloce as it leads to a ride which is simply a bit firm, especially for some of the uneven roads that we have throughout the Cape.

5Thrill Of Driving, Hell Yes!

This is an Alfa Romeo through-and-through. This means that sport is in the DNA. It’s hard to describe why an Alfa Romeo is a true motoring enthusiast vehicle, perhaps it is due to its heritage, perhaps it is due to its track focus, doesn’t really matter, the pleasure you get from driving is indescribable.

The Giulietta features Alfa’s 1.75-litre turbopetrol motor. The motor develops 177 kW and 340 Nm. It hums and purrs as you drive along, sounds a lot like an engine and not an electric grill, something we have come used to in many modern automobiles. It is this very heartbeat that makes the Giulietta Veloce so incredibly special to drive.

CoverThe Veloce is only offered with a twin-clutch transmission automatic transmission. It is a great gearbox and shifts and smooth and rapid. Despite its suspension being on the firm side, the twin-clutch assists to smoothen the ride and make it more relaxing.

La Concludere

Italians always add some extra finesse and make something potentially ordinary that bit extra special. Just as an Italian barista makes receiving your cappuccino feel like a musical theatrical, as does the Alfa Romeo Giulietta add its very own unique prowess to what is otherwise a semi-mundane category, the “family hatchback.”

With its artistic elements, beautiful almost feline like styling and beautiful interior with suede elements and detailing, the Giulietta really has got a true beating heart.

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