Editor: Jason “The Bok” Date – 14 July 2017

In what has to be one of the boldest vehicles to emerge from the Audi brand in some time, meet the all-new Q2, a vehicle which according to Audi’s media campaign is #Untaggable

To find out what it is really all about, I embarked on a journey along the beautiful Western Cape Garden Route. Driving over 1000 km, with a goal of finding out if it can be #Tagged?

Tasteful Design

Bold, Stylish, Unique & Tasteful are just a handful of adjectives which I could think of to describe the Q2’s exterior styling. While taste is very much in the eye of the beholder, I found that the new Audi Q2 represents a fresh approach to style from the German automaker, and while it may be somewhat eccentric, I really rather like its design elements.

CoverWith interesting creasing and lines along the side profile and large front faux air dampers situated on the lower half of the bumper, the all-new Q2 maintains an air of stylish sporting appeal.

How Can You Tag The Performance?

I drove over 1000 km within the two day period and exposed the Audi to a multitude of different driving surfaces and conditions along the way. My test unit featured the well accomplished 1.4 turbopetrol motor, which has become a firm favourite from the Volkswagen/Audi engine stable.

Developing 110 kW from 5000 – 6000 rpm and a healthy 250 Nm of torque, the engine pulled well around urban driving situations. When it came to higher speeds and overtaking situations, the motor felt slightly restrained, but on the whole, it offered a punchy and impressive drive.

Q2 - 1With all the power mated to Audi’s 6-speed manual transmission which is silky smooth and light to the shift, the Q2 proved to be a very relaxing vehicle to drive, while maintaining an air of athleticism.

During my long road trip, I tackled many rolling passes and had the vehicle packed to capacity, which did have an impact on the fuel economy figure, with my average recorded achieved figure sitting at a rather high 10-litres/100km. Under lighter conditions, however, the Q2 1.4 TFSI can see some much-improved economy figures claimed at around 6-litres/100km.

Luxury & Comfort

Audi’s have always been respected for their sublime levels of build quality and interior solidity. With the new Q2, a tasteful and well-constructed cabin is offered up. While certain harder plastics can be found along the door bin cupholders and in parts of the cabin, the overall interior experience is one of quality, in typical Audi tradition.

Q2 - 2The Q2 represents a compact crossover. Ride-height is impressive and you find that the chassis absorbs bumpy road surfaces well. The interior can seat four adults, however, rear passenger space can be somewhat limited, especially if the front occupants have their seats in far back seating positions. Overall the Q2 lacks somewhat in rear space when compared to some of its closest competitors. The boot loading capacity is rated at 405-litres, you can drop the seats flat if the (R3500) rear folding seatback option has been fitted, which will greatly increase your carrying capacity.

Q2 - 4Cabin Tech

I was blown away by the level of technology which is available throughout the Q2 line-up. While the options can get pretty pricey, the Q2 is available with some seriously impressive cabin tech.

The vehicle I spent time driving was fitted with Audi’s incredible Virtual Cockpit instrumentation cluster (R6400). Clustered as part of what Audi term the MMI Navigation Plus System, the system offers an immersive way to display the likes of your navigation, multimedia and driver based information in a clear and precise way, and all linked to the vehicles handwriting and voice gesture based central media display. The MMI system costs (R24,000) but really does take the technological offering of the Q2 above and beyond its competitors.

Q2 - 3Other nice options to enhance the cabin experience which were fitted to my review unit included Audi’s Wireless Charging pad located centrally (R4750), the sound enhancing Bang and Olufsen sound system (R9800) as well as the smartphone interface (R2800). Letting more light into the cabin was also achieved thanks to a large panoramic sunroof (R15,000).

Another amazing feature well worth adding to your Q2 is Audi’s radar guided cruise control system. Along my extended road-trip commute, I used the system many times and found it offered a brilliantly intuitive way to drive while allowing the vehicle to take control of your following safe distance and maintain a consistent speed despite the vehicle ahead either braking or accelerating. The system even activates a full take-off if the car ahead comes to a complete standstill. While I had the system mated to the manual gearbox, where it would be even more impressive, is if the system was linked to the Audi S-Tronic DSG automated gearbox.

Tagging The Q2

I think that one word which can be used to sum-up the Q2 is #Stylish. The Q2 represents a fresh styling approach for Audi and offers impressive levels of build quality and technology at the same time. It is a rather pricy competitor to the likes of some of its nearest rivals such as the Volvo V40 Cross Country and Mercedes-Benz GLA200 but does offer something very unique, hence it being referred to as #Untaggable!

SA Pricing 

Base price: Audi Q2 1.4T Manual R511 000  – R511,000

Included as standard is a 1-years/unlimited km warranty, and Audi’s 5-years/unlimited km maintenance plan.  

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