Editor Jason “The Bok” Date – 13 Feb 2019

Just a couple of years ago everyone wanted a Blackberry, it gave us a new way to communicate, it gave us the first true intro to instant messaging and it gave us a powerful yet stylish accessory. Now there are so many competitors all competition within the smartphone market, but does the Blackberry moniker still hold substantial weight? I spent an extended test period to discover what the new Key 2 model offers.

Form Factor

Too many of the world’s leading smartphones look almost identical. A large display, with little else, describes the design elements of many major smartphones, the Blackberry, however, is different. By taking a look into their past, perhaps Blackberry are looking into a new path for professionals wanting a smartphone with a physical qwerty keyboard.

packshot-key2-specsThe overall design of the Blackberry Key 2 represents one of minimalism, with high quality textured materials and a spattering of well placed and tactile physical keys, such a volume and even a dedicated quick launch key which is great for an application such as the Google Now assistant.

BB_HP_875x840_k2a1While the 4.5-inch display is bright, pixel-full and vibrant, when it comes to media and video viewing, those of you used to what is a current day “more conventional” smartphone design may prefer a full screen, but you need to consider that this phone and its form factor is far more unique and Blackberry have done a great job of pulling it off!

keyboardKey Specifications

  • 100% Android™
  • Access to over a million apps on Google Play
  • First dual main camera BlackBerry smartphone
  • 3500 mAh battery (up to 2-days usage)
  • 6 GB RAM
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Processor

Conclusion & SA Pricing

Cost in SA currently – R13,000

Packing powerful internal specification, a high-quality stylish build and Blackberry’s well-established branding, the Key 2 represents a refreshing change to the sea of “normal” smartphones which we see emerging on the market day after day. The full-screen mobile form factor will still appeal to many new smartphone buyers and the price of the Key 2 puts it up against many premium smartphones, but you do need to consider that this phone is unique and perhaps the tool you have been looking for, if text-based applications and business premium are high on your agenda.

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