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Let’s face it, there is simply nothing better than being near the coastline on a beautiful summers day and taking in the sea air while driving a top-down convertible. The latest generation BMW 2-Series convertible seems to have the balance just right, to find out more, I spent some time exploring the beauty of the Western Cape and its coastal roads in this compact soft-top cruiser.

Key Changes

The 2-Series has always been a very pretty vehicle. Blending both compact dimensions with sharp lines, it blends a perfect symbiosis of compact with stylish. In 2017 BMW refreshed its image adding some additional styling tweaks and a host of new technological advancements.

1To begin, the latest generation now features sharper, more dynamic looking headlights. The new lights tastefully complement its new styling lines, additional shades of summer fresh colours and larger more flamboyant alloy wheels. In the new line-up is colours such as Seaside Blue, Mediterranean Blue and very electrifying Sunset Orange as seen introduced with the BMW 4 Series Coupé and Convertible.

In terms of cabin tech, the vehicle also now features an 8.8-inch touchscreen is offered in conjunction with the optional Navigation system Professional. The system is intuitive and functional, with ease of control using the iDrive style central jog dial or voice. With the BMW Connected Drive Services, features such as a concierge and weather are also available on the go, owing to its sim card based connectivity.

2Another improvement which comes in the way of the convertible is its ability to raise and lower the cloth folding roof at speeds of up to 50 kph.

Power Delivery

The 2-Series is offered with either 4 or 6-cylinder engines. The engines within the line-up have also received BMW’s new and improved turbocharging technology.

The cabriolet is available with 3 separate petrol engine variants including the 220i with its 135 kW / 270 Nm, the 230i with its 185 kW/350 Nm 2.0-litre from its turbo petrol engine and the very powerful M240i convertible with its 250 kW and 500 Nm of torque as we experienced in the Coupé

3Link to M240i Coupé review:


In terms of gear shifts, the 2-Series remains sporty with automatic transmissions as standard while the powerful M240i is fitted with an 8-speed automatic sports transmission and coupled with steering-wheel-mounted paddles.

Boundless Charm

I have always enjoyed the way in which the 2-Series couples its charming looks in a compact way. The latest-generation continues this but adds some clever to mix and that is even before you mention the styling improvements. In either Coupé or Convertible, driving the 2-Series, you really are in for a treat.

BMW 2-Series Coupé & Convertible SA Pricing & Warranty

Coupe Pricing

BMW 220i Sport Line A/T – R512,700
BMW 220i Sport Line sports A/T – R515,100

BMW 220i Luxury Line A/T – R530,100
BMW 220i Luxury Line sports A/T – R532,500 

BMW 220i M Sport A/T – R533,900
BMW 220i M Sport sports A/T – R536,300

BMW 230i Sport Line A/T – R556,500
BMW 230i Sport Line sports A/T – R558,900

BMW 230i Luxury Line A/T – R573,900
BMW 230i Luxury Line sports A/T – R576,300

BMW 230i M Sport A/T – R574,500
BMW 230i M Sport sports A/T – R576,900

BMW 220d Sport Line M/T – R530,000
BMW 220d Sport Line A/T – R550,800
BMW 220d Sport Line sports A/T – R553,200

BMW 220d Luxury Line M/T – R547,400
BMW 220d Luxury Line A/T – R568,200
BMW 220d Luxury Line sports A/T – R591,400

BMW 220d M Sport M/T – R551,200
BMW 220d M Sport A/T – R572,000
BMW 220d M Sport sports A/T – R595,200

BMW M240i sports A/T – R693,800

Convertible Pricing

BMW 220i Sport Line A/T – R598,600
BMW 220i Sport Line sports A/T – R601,100

BMW 220i Luxury Line A/T – R613,800
BMW 220i Luxury Line sports A/T – R616,200

BMW 220i M Sport A/T – R613,400
BMW 220i M Sport sports A/T – R615,800

BMW 230i Sport Line A/T – R641,900
BMW 230i Sport Line sports A/T – R644,300

BMW 230i Luxury Line A/T – R657,100
BMW 230i Luxury Line sports A/T – R659,500

BMW 230i M Sport A/T – R653,300
BMW 230i M Sport sports A/T – R655,700

BMW M240i – R779,500

The 2-Series is sold with BMW’s standard 2-year/unlimited km warranty and a 5-year/100 000 km maintenance plan. 

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