Editor: Jason “The Bok” Date – 04 October 2017

The BMW badge is a blend of white contrasting with blue. Inspired by a background in aviation and producing powerful performance motors.  In true BMW essence meet the M240i, a modern coupe which embodies the essence of the brand.

The 2 Series BMW is arguably one of the most handsome looking compact coupes on the market. Its short wheelbase, swooping roofline and almost feminine teardrop headlights make it a true head turner. This is the result of taking that same gorgeous canvas and adding some extra racing trim bits.

4Essence Of Performance

The racing body trim, performance exhaust system and spattering of BMW M badges around the body do far more than just hint at performance with the M240i, in fact, they well represent what this car is all about.

The heartbeat comes from the twin-turbo power straight six engine which develops a simply sensational 250 kW and 500 Nm of torque, a truly frightening prospect, especially when you consider the compact dimensions of this coupe.

3The M240i is a true drivers car, and as a result, it enjoys perfect weight distribution throughout the body. With true BMW heritage, the M240i corners precisely and is incredibly well planted on the road. 0 – 100 km/h is achieved in just 4.6 seconds!

Why I Want One

What separates the BMW M240i from so many other compact racing cars for the road, is that you simply can live with it. Yes, it can be a bit low to the ground at times, but amazingly, despite its incredible handling and racing-inspired firm ride, it is still a very comfortable car.

2Supportive seats, dual-zone climate controlled airconditioning and a large clear infotainment display with BMW’s fifth generation Connected Drive Services helps make this small coupe a true blend of sport, luxury and ultimately sheer driving pleasure, no matter the style in which you are driving. BMW’s clever Connected Drive Services even give you the option to call-up the weather on demand or make use of the personal concierge service manager. The system offers a wide array of connected services, all while on the go.

Couple the beautiful coupe body styling with a very acceptable boot of size measuring in at 390-litres in capacity and even the option to drop the rear seatback for added loading space and you quickly realise that this is a car for the real world driver.

The Essence Of BMW

There is a certain something that BMW build into their cars, which give them an indescribable sense of performance, a kind of breeding which is better felt than explained either spoken or written.

5The M240i is reminiscent in many ways of the BMW’s heritage cars, the likes of the 3.0 CSL and more recent E30 M3. Only when you drive a M240i, will you understand what I keep rambling on about. Yes, I know that the M2 is more track-focused, however, the M240i offers me, you or any other driver that doesn’t race professionally the opportunity to feel like a world champion and for this reason to me, it represents BMW, it represents Sheer Driving Pleasure.

SA Pricing (time of publish)

R698,702   – Car as tested in review R773,608 

This pricing places the BMW M240i in line with the likes of a well specced Volkswagen Golf R, Audi S3 or Mercedes-Benz A250 Sport. For my money, this is the option I would certainly opt for!

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