Editor: Jason “The Bok” Date – 30 Mar 2019

The number eight is important for many reasons. Some cultures consider it a number representing luck and prosperity, to some, it symbolises harmony and balance and to BMW it represents a very important group of models. Well over 20-years ago BMW shocked the world with its grand touring sports car, the original 8-Series and subsequently, we have seen models such as the Z8 and more recent i8 electric roadster appear. Now 2019, and BMW is ready to shock the automotive world again, with the all-new essence of dynamic sporting luxury, the M850i.


They say an image says a thousand words, a statement that certainly holds true with the all-new 8-Series BMW. Literally, anyone you drive it turns heads and garners many on-lookers. A muscular front-end flanked by large air dampers, even larger BMW trademark kidney grills and the brand’s iconic double-bubble style roof all help add to the 8-Series grand presence.

P90341389_highRes_the-new-bmw-8-seriesFrom both the side and rear profile, the 8-Series is comprised of graceful and purposeful lines, which all culminate in what is a very beautiful blend of a sporting GT with saloon style stature.

Luxury Meets Power

Less is more can help describe how the 8-Series approaches luxury. The cabin is a delicate sophisticated blend of materials, all resulting in a cabin space which is svelte and sophisticated without being over cluttered. Taking centre stage within the dashboard is BMW’s advanced Connected Drive Services 7.0 multimedia interface. The likes of full voice control is available as well as a platoon of modern connected services which assist in making the drive more connected and creating an office on the go environment when driving the vehicle. The digital dashboard represents a clean, almost aircraft cabin inspired design as we have started seeing present throughout much of the modern BMW line-up. Bespoke interior trim and body trim options allow for your own 8-Series to be customised and unique to your own taste and style with BMW Individual plans.

P90341497_highRes_the-new-bmw-8-seriesCosseting premium seats, a leather-wrapped dashboard and suede roof-lining all help make for a very comfortable place, perfect for long journeys. The M850i, however, is not just about long journeys, it also is about sporting bursts. With a whopping 4.4-Litre TwinPower Turbo V8, the vehicle produces a very, very healthy 390 kW and 750 Nm of torque. The result is a big bruiser, which is nimble on its toes if commanded and 0 – 100 km/h being dealt with in a mere 3.7 seconds.

P90341501_highRes_the-new-bmw-8-seriesA smooth shifting 8-speed transmission and xDrive all-wheel steering all assist in making the 8-Series a rapid response and comfortable grand tourer.

To Conclude

The M850i brings with a level of luxury, elegance and sporting dynamism which is very difficult to match within the grand touring space. With a helping of BMW 7-Series stately stature beautifully combined into some of BMW’s M DNA, the luxury GT represents a symbiosis of athleticism and luxury and finds the balance to excel at both these two elements.

SA Pricing

BMW M850i xDrive Coupe       R1 887 827

This is the basic price, with CO2 tax included.

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