Editor “Jason” The Bok – Date: 07 October 2020

BMW has always famously built sporting SUV’s or as the German firm calls them Sport Activity Vehicles (SAV’s), now we have what damn well ought to be perhaps the most sporting focused model that they have ever created, meet what I like to call “The Dark Night,” meet the BMW X6M Competition.

At first glance, the X6M Competition gives off a very mean stealth appearance. With large blackened kidney grilles, a bunch of aerodynamic inspired intakes and openings, a lot of carbon fibre work and a spattering of BMW M Performance badges around the body, there is simply no getting away from the statement which it makes from the first glance.

Its big presence, however, is much more than just a show, the X6M Competition is all about big figures and numbers. On paper the numbers read;

  • 460 kW : 750 Nm
  • 4-litre Turbopetrol V8 Motor
  • 0 – 100 km/h claimed in 3.8 secs (More accurately 3.5 secs)
  • 4 Tons curb weight
  • 22-inch rear alloys : 21-inch front
  • Cost price in SA – R2,733,420

As I said, the X6M Competition is a culmination of massive figures and what it makes for is something fantastic. The vehicles features a heavy body weight, and while weight is never a good thing when it comes to performance, the incredible Bavarian engineers have somehow managed to extract so much power out of the 4.4-litre turbocharged V8 motor with its turbochargers positioned in a “hot V” configuration that the vehicle is propelled so rapidly from 0 – 100 km/h that it literally hearts your face.

It’s a good job that its been fitted with massive drilled and vented brake discs and callipers over on its wide 22-inch rear tyres and 21-inch front tyres which are Bridgestone Conti Sport 4S’s specially designed and purpose-built for the power of the BMW X6M.

Big numbers are mighty impressive, but of course, the X6 needs to be somewhat of a Germany army knife, a vehicle which combines elements of a sportscar with large SUV, off-road abilities with on-road luxuries. It is a good job that it features an incredibly detailed and premium interior, one comprised of BMW M bucket style seats dressed in quilted leather with suedes of carbon fibre throughout the cabin, heated and cooled seats, cupholders, starlight inspired roof and an absolute ton of sound, lighting and comfort features which set this apart from almost anything else out there. Controlling the entire experience is easy owing to BMW’s Connected Drive Services 7.0 which incorporates full voice control with a suite of BMW applications such a concierge service, real-time weather and traffic.

Combine all of the technological advancements with a platoon of safety systems including self-drive semi-autonomous modes, and an oversized heads-up-display (HUD) with BMW’s own Live Cockpit Professional and the likes of optional Bowers and Wilkins speakers surrounding the cabin and a suede-lined roof and the interior of the X6M Competition feels as special as the exterior image which it gives off.

In conclusion, the BMW X6M has impressed me no end! On the outside, its stealthy and very intimidating, under the hood is an engine which will embarrass many a supercar out there and the entire package is put together in a luxurious cocoon of technological advancements and luxury. With a large body, it offers a 570-litre luggage load area with the seats folded-up and does this with impressive interior room even despite its sloping roofline. It may be bonkers and extreme in many ways, but I wouldn’t change a thing, I absolutely LOVE it!

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