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There are some automobiles which create an automotive perplexity. You are left wondering are you dealing with an SUV, a sports car or a coupe? Introducing the “sports activity coupe.”

bmw-x6m50d-tb5The term “sports activity coupe” defines an entanglement of three major design elements, these include the sports car, the SUV, and the coupe. When I first got the chance to behold the BMW X6, I wasn’t sure what to think. I wondered how you could roll three completely separate design profiles into a single package and make it all work in harmony. Despite the fact that I didn’t want to understand this concept, a few days behind the wheel of the X6M50d, and I was completely won over.

bmw-x6m50d-tb1Design Philosophy

The Bavarian engineers have some how managed to embody the essence of a sporty coupe, with the added benefit of SUV designed increased ride height. The whole package comes together incredibly well and the result is the BMW X6 (F16) with its aggressive, tough and imposing sports car style prowess.

The Heartbeat

Perhaps the key element in the mix of the BMW X6M50d is the power plant, which delivers its whopping 280 Kw of power and 740 Nm of torque. I know that this is a large SUV, but 740 Nm of torque is simply mind boggling. The X6M50d has more torque than for example a Lamborghini Huracan supercar. Now I know that you can’t compare a light weight delicate sports car to a large SUV, but by any measure of the mind, the power delivered by the X6M50d is simply sensational.

bmw-x6m50d-tb60 – 100 Km/h takes place in an eye-battering sprint of around 5.0 seconds. When you consider that the X6M50d weighs more than two tons, you quickly realise just how impressive this really is. The reason the BMW can be propelled forward in such a brutal manner is due to something known as variable turbine geometry. I am not even going to try and pretend to understand how this works, what I do understand however is the immediacy and impressive wave of power which this tri-turbo diesel motor produces.

bmw-x6m50d-tb8Five Star Service Levels 

The BMW X6M50d feels like sitting in a lounge at a 5-star hotel. High-quality materials and leather adorn the entire cabin. The interior space has been cleverly thought out and the ergonomics of the seats are excellent. As is typical with BMW, the cockpit is very driver orientated, a good thing, when you consider the sportiness of the vehicle. With its coupe-like silhouette, occupants within the X6M50d are encompassed in a space comprising a blend of both dark and light leather work and in the lap of overall luxury.

bmw-x6m50d-tb7Passengers at the rear, are also not forgotten, despite the coupe-like roof, there is more than ample headroom spacing and with the rear seat entertainment package, rear-seat passengers have full access to vehicle features such as navigation and their own choice of media delivered either through the vehicle’s onboard Harman Karon audio system or their own individual headsets.

bmw-x6m50d-tb3Media and entertainment are delivered compliments of the BMW i-Drive control system. With its large up-front display, all controlled through the central jog wheel, applications are never more than a click away. The media system displays media compliments of many input forms and also includes the BMW Connected Drive services functionality. Connected Drive, includes features such as real-time weather updates to your vehicle, real-time traffic services, SOS safety on-demand, and perhaps most impressive in my opinion is the BMW Concierge services. All services work with a built-in vehicle mobility card.

concierge-start-en-slide-3As far as I have always been aware, a concierge is a service reserved for 5-star hotels. This was until I spent some time behind the wheel of this BMW. You can ask the BMW concierge services literally anything! Watch my video embedded below to see what I am talking about :).

Overall Verdict

I didn’t want to like the concept of a sports car, an SUV and a coupe rolled into one complete package, however, it doesn’t take long to completely understand and become won over by the BMW X6. In this M50d format, the vehicle offers mind-boggling power, comfort, and luxury. The X6M50d also demands the kind of presence most SUV owners can only dream about. The BMW X6M50d is, therefore a real Bavarian masterpiece and something very special to experience. With its executive profile, and blended design elements coupled with BMW M division influence, its sets itself apart from almost anything else out there.

bmw-x6m50d-tb2davThe X6M50d aims itself at the luxury SUV buyer market and the vehicle under review with a few options is priced at around R1,7 million. Experiencing this vehicle is, therefore an experience set aside for a very fortunate buyer able to purchase and experience this piece of sheer driving pleasure.

Watch my full review by clicking below:

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