A ChatSim with many ChatApps. Countless options.


ChatSim connects all your Chat Apps around the world. This way you can chat free and without any limits with WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, LINE, QQ and all other instant messaging Apps to give your words always a new meaning. ChatSim lets you stay in touch with friends, family or colleagues when you are abroad. It helps you stay in touch with the world and live every moment to the fullest.


Don’t worry anymore about roaming charges when you are abroad. ChatSim lets you share unlimited text messages and emoji with everyone. ChatSim is like no other sim card: it is the first sim card that lets you keep in touch with over 3 billion people in the world, at just €10 a year.


With ChatSim you can send free and unlimited text messages and emoji, as well as multimedia contents such as photos, videos, voice messages, locations and contacts. Just purchase a €10 multimedia recharge and enjoy ChatSim everytime you are abroad.


Sometimes a message is not enough. And if it’s not enough, make your voice heard to the people you are in touch with. ChatSim makes it a straightforward and fun experience. Select your favourite Chat App, like Whatsapp or Messenger, then choose the person you want to contact and touch the call key. You will be immediately connected.
With unbeatable quality. With a recharge plus of only € 25 you have up to 500 minutes’ credit.


Start something new with ChatSim. You can reply on the go to friends who write and send messages to you. You can receive messages of any kind at any time, but you can even express yourself in new, fun and spontaneous ways. With ChatSim, “let’s keep in touch” is not just about exchanging words on a display: it means to be really in touch.
Because there is no need to change your profile.

More at: www.chatsim.com

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