Editor: Jason “The Bok” – Date: 10 Dec 2015

The word déesse is French for Goddess, so when Citroën decided to re-introduce this exclusive badge within their stables it was clear that there was something rather special going on.

DS3 - TB1

It was back in 1955 at the Paris Auto Show, when Citroën, a brand already synonymous with bold French design, passion and technological advancements introduced the original DS. Upon it’s reveal back in 1955 the original DS was able to draw some much interest, that it received more than 12,000 orders on it’s first show day. Having introduced features like self-levelling suspension and headlamps which swivel as the wheels go around the bends, it was clear that the DS badge stood for style as well as state-of-the-art technology and was going to revolutionise the automobile as we knew it.

DS3 - TB2

I have always regarded the original DS as one of the greatest cars of all times! It still remains one of the vehicles that I would short-list above almost anything else to eventually own as part of my private collection. It is for this reason, that I was ecstatic when I received the 2015 Citroën DS (DS3 Sport) to review.

DS3 - TB7

Style is in the DNA of the DS. With badges representing one of the most revered names in automotive history sparkled throughout the body, the jewel, certainly is set to impress! With the DS logo having been designed to look like a jewel, jetem (“I Love You”) Citroën’s all new DS.

DS3 - TB6

The roof of the new DS is available in four different colours, and the dashboard can be chosen in eight different colours. The bold styling however doesn’t stop there. The rear three-quarter pillar is a large darkened glass panel, which extends towards the roof-line and even this touch is done in a unique DS fashion. The model that I have been driving, the DS3 also features a bold racing style rear diffuser which surrounds its twin chromed exhausts. The DS3 Sport also sits handsomely on it’s blackened racing style wheels.

DS3 - TB8

Sitting inside the all new DS, the bold styling touches continue. With a dashboard dressed in an option of eight different colour variants, a globular style climatic aircon display dial and even an essence stick contained within the centre of the dash, it’s like being inside an expensive fashion boutique. The extensive range of perforated leathers, hip-hugging seats and clean edges keep the latest generation DS feeling very premium.

DS3 - TB4

In terms of power, the DS3 Sport which I have been driving features a 1.6 L turbocharged  engine, which is very similar to that of the one found within the Mini Cooper S. The engine remains very strong and put’s out 154 BHP at 6000rpm. It also makes a very meaty grumble, and sounds fantastic. With a 0 – 100 Km/h time of 7.3 secs, power does feel very immediate.

DS3 - TB3

The all new Citroën DS fits into the market with vehicles such as the Mini Cooper, and Fiat 500. As with the these vehicles, the all new DS has a strong name to uphold and it does a great job of this. This is more than just another automobile, it is an expression of your personality, style and passion and I absolutely love what Citroën have done here!

Take a look at my driving impressions of the all new Citroën DS3 Sport below:


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