The first model hair dryer was created by Alexander F. “Beau” Godefroy in his salon in France in 1890 and since then, it’s fair to say that not much has changed. Until now that is, Dyson a brand synonymous with innovation has created the new and dynamic supersonic hairdryer.

I was invited to meet the company’s chief engineer Brett Coulton, and discuss the reason that this product is so important and innovative.

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While I don’t profess to know much about hair, its makeup or how it’s styled, I was intrigued to discover the intricacy and level of development that Dyson has put into developing this new product and ultimately why the brand has built such a reputation of quality and distinction, further made evident by something as “simple” as a hairdryer.

To start things off, this is no ordinary hairdryer, what it is instead, is a hairdryer, which is essence uses a mini jet engine to provide heat in a small and compact body. Coupled with a regulating system, the dryer does not allow the heat to rise above 150 degrees centigrade, therefore preventing any damage to hair cells, unlike conventional hairdryers.

Intelligence Everywhere

Thanks to a clever microprocessor, this hairdryer calculates and reads changing conditions many times every second, as a result the air delivered to your hair is of optimal quality, temperature and ultimately produces a salon natural shine and finish.

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The Supersonic has been four years in the making, and cost over £50 million to produce. With over 600 prototypes created and result testing on more than 1,000 miles of human hair, when Dyson set out to revolutionise this space, they had a clear goal in mind, and as a result, Dyson claims that the Supersonic Hairdryer is the fastest, quietest, most hair-friendly hair dryer in existence, it also boasts a beautiful compact design.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 12.31.39 PMWith multiple modes, temperatures and a flurry of attachments in the box, this new product from Dyson certainly will keep you rethinking hair!

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