PCSA held a strategy meeting with its entire dealer network, investors and stakeholders on Wednesday, 7 December, where the company’s five-year-plan was rolled out.

Three key messages were shared:

  • The focus from 2017 will be on the Peugeot Brand
  • The re-launch of the Brand, will be kept within the PSA core values
  • Three new products will be launched during 2017 (two of which will be SUV’s), with continued product introduction of at least one model a year from 2018 onwards.

“This entire plan is in line with the Push To Pass plan/strategy of the PSA Group”, commented Managing Director, Francis Harnie.  “It was confirmed that South Africa is a key market in the development strategy for the Brand in the Middle East/Africa region.


Exciting times lay ahead for the Peugeot Brand in South Africa with the introduction of three brand new models being launched in 2017. The new 2008 SUV will be introduced in March, the much anticipated new 3008 SUV will be launched in May and the nine-seater Traveller is expected in September. In line with the 5-year plan, there is a guarantee of at least one brand new model launch each year from 2018.

2017 is the first step towards the future!

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