Experiential Launch Showcases the Multifunctional Galaxy Note5 in South Africa


Samsung unveils its most powerful and alluring device to date

 JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 22 October, 2015 Samsung Electronics South Africa recently unveiled its Galaxy Note5 at the glamorous 03 Desmond venue in Kramerville, Johannesburg, with its magnificent views of the Sandton skyline as the backdrop for the unveiling of its latest creation. Samsung joined forces with some of South Africa’s most inspiring individuals to showcase the long-awaited Galaxy Note5, which has been dubbed a digital game changer.

“Everything we do at Samsung is driven by unyielding passion for excellence and an unfaltering commitment to develop industry leading products and solutions,” says Craige Fleischer, Director of Integrated Mobility, Samsung Electronics SA. “We have ensured that the Galaxy Note5 is every consumer’s ideal device for working on their ideas, goals and dreams.”

The event saw four experts within their respective fields using four experiential zones to unveil the Galaxy Note5’s capabilities in effortlessly capturing the essence of everyday life. As an additional viewing bonus, the soon-to-be-launched Gear S2 was featured at the event in the fourth zone.

Award-winning chef and adventurer David Grier headed up the culinary area in which he demonstrated how using the Galaxy Note5 can bring excitement and convenience into the preparation of meals. Grier showed guests how the Galaxy Note5 can introduce a new dimension to preparing meals by easily exploring different cuisines online, which allows cooks to plan their meals digitally. The new Scroll Capture within the Screen Write function takes screenshots of lengthy screen images, which is convenient for users who want to keep images of multiple ingredients in one shot.

The second experiential zone was headed up by Samsung Ambassador and award-winning Instagrammer, Gareth Pon, who revealed the Galaxy Note5’s advanced camera system through photographic mastery and afforded guests captivating photos of moments to remember. With features like the Auto Real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR), Smart Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) and a host of new filters, the smartphone offers high-quality artistic shoots for amateur and professional photographers alike.

“The Galaxy Note5 launch was full of discovery – it was great to see so many people appreciate and love the new design and features that the phone has to offer,” commented Pon. “I also got an opportunity to teach some of South Africa’s celebrities how to take better selfies, which was fantastic.”

Fashion designer and style expert David Tlale gave guests a taste of high fashion extraordinaire at the third experiential zone when he designed haute couture attire using the Galaxy Note5’s powerful S Pen. In no more than four minutes, Tlale put together a runway-worthy masterpiece using the sensitive S Pen, which has been redefined to provide the user with complete accuracy and flow.

“The S Pen is probably the most useful function for me in my line of work,” explained Tlale. “I could easily have random bursts of ideas, sketch an outfit wherever I am on the phone and send it to the team at the office to start working on it. It is beyond convenient and its quality is exceptional.”

Samsung teamed up with Olympic medalist and swimmer Cameron van der Burgh to reveal the latest addition to its wearable range, the Gear S2. The capabilities of the smartwatch were demonstrated with van der Burgh taking part in various activities such as running and cycling. The exercises showed how the Gear S2 instantly and accurately reads the user’s heart rate and at the same time provides insightful information such as how many calories were burned during a training session.

“Partnering with such inspiring individuals for the launch really illustrated the fantastic features of Galaxy Note5 and Gear S2 and how these devices can become productivity catalysts in true-to-life situations,” concludes Fleischer.

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