Ford Fiesta ST Review

– Editor : Jason “The Bok” – Date: 05 Jun 2015

Over the past couple of days I have been exploring the mother city in Ford’s Fiesta ST. From the minute I caught my first glimpse of this smoking hot hatch, I realised that I was in for a pretty unforgettable experience.

Fiesta ST - 9From the outside, you are struck with a vehicle resembling a very practical and responsible hatch back, but gaze a little longer, and you quickly take note of its “honey comb” ST grill, and bold red ST boot badge as well as its racing spoiler. From this point you quickly realise that with Ford’s heritage of motorsport and rally sport racing, the Fiesta ST is way more than another little hatch. For those of you with further memories of the golden Ford days of rallying, you will have recollections of the RS200 Cosworth, and it is when this connection is made, you realise just how special the Fiesta ST really is. This vehicle is light, nimble and a handful of fun.

Fiesta ST - 3When you grab hold of the keys to the Fiesta ST, you virtually forget you have them, as the entire vehicle is operated via full keyless entry and go. Simply leaving the keys in your pocket, allows you to push on the door handle, unlock the vehicle, and once inside proceed to start the engine and take off.

Fiesta ST - JMIn the cabin, you get a full array of media features offered through the vehicles Sony branded front loading CD player, which also features Bluetooth telephony, an auxiliary jack, and even space for your own expandable media thumb drive, this all coupled with the vehicles easy to understand large display, makes toggling through your media a breeze. With enough buttons on the control module to launch a rocket, you quickly learn how easy to operate everything is.

Fiesta ST - 15When you sit back, into what begs to be called a racing cabin, secured snuggly in Recaro racing seats, and which I might add are the most comfortable racing buckets I have ever sat it. Nestled comfortably behind the ST perforated steering wheel you can from this point begin to throw the vehicle around corners.

Fiesta ST - 7

With its lively steering, every corner and bump in the road can be felt, and you immediately are aware, that you had better be alert, as all this power in a vehicle which weighs a mere 1100kg curb weight can quickly land you in hot water, if you’re not careful.

Fiesta ST - 8The vehicle features a 1.6 litre turbo Ecoboost engine which chucks out a very capable 134kw of power and 240Nm of torque. Taking off, you are immediately immersed in the euphoria of its throaty engine rumble. Bury your foot slightly further on the pedal, as soon as you stray over the 2500 rev range, you are knocked by a sledge hammer of power, which will propel you from 0 – 100 Km/h in a just 6.9secs.

Fiesta ST - 6With its R275,000 price tag, this hot hatch is considerably cheaper than its competition. Couple the entire package with its stylish looks, boy-racer feel and the big smile it puts on your face, this is one fantastic package.


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