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Cars come out in all shapes and sizes, and each have their own purpose and represent their own unique qualities. You are breathing rather rarefied air, when you look for a vehicle which offers space, practicality, performance and technology. Thankfully Ford have an answer, introducing the 2015 Ford Focus ST (edition ST3).

Front - TBWith it’s 2.0L four cylinder EcoBoost engine which chucks out a simply mind shattering 184 KW and 360 Nm of torque, power is an area in which the Focus ST is certainly very comfortable. It’s fine having a lot of power available, but what’s most important is knowing how to best utilise the available power, and this is where the ST trumps it’s card. Where many of the European derived competitors feel very serious, and often a bit flat, the Ford does everything with flare, circumstance and has you smiling all the way through the ride.

Rear- TBI could go on, and mention the fact that the Ford Focus ST is capable of achieving 0-100 Km/h in a mere 6.5 secs and that it is capable of setting your hair on fire, while screaming through the bends, the ST however is much more than just another boy racer, yes it will make any grown-up feel like a 7 year old in a go-kart, however it also needs to be able to take that same “7 year racer” home again, and allow them to transport their family in safety, comfort and style, job done I believe!

Dash-Seats - TBThe interior of the ST is simply stunning, with sporting Recaro bucket seats, which grip you in the bends, and its leather spec (as seen in above vehicle) which can be to ordered spec black with white stitching, makes the Focus ST is a very nice place to be. Space for occupants is kept to a maximum, as is the boot load area, as I discovered with the Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost which I recently drove:

Ford Focus – The Family Man’s Car

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The cars leather seating, Isofix child seat support and fold flat ability keeps the Focus very practical.

Rear Recarros - TBWith performance, practicality and space covered, let’s bang on and discover the styling of the 2015 Focus ST.

Side-By-SideThe similarities are obvious between the Ford Fiesta and all new Focus line-up, both feature this wide open swooping grill, which closely resembles the face of an Aston Martin. The use of further creases, folds and sharp lines further accentuate the ST “I Mean Business” attitude that the Ford represents. Although it can fit in subtly in the lot, it’s immediately visible when you walk around the ST, that all it’s badges and “chicken wire” style grill represent a serious performance machine.

Side-By-Side-reaarOnto the tech, Ford have always been proactive with ensuring that their vehicles stay up-to-date with the latest in technological advancements and the Focus ST does not disappoint. The ST3 edition vehicle which I reviewed, ¬†featured an 8″ full colour touchscreen interface, which was easy to use, intuitive and even has the ability to feature your own wallpapers. Ford does not skimp on multimedia sources and the Focus range have the ability to load media content from sources including: USB flashdrive ; 3.5mm auxiliary port ; SD memory card and optical discs.

Dash 360 - TB

The vehicle also features Ford’s SYNC audio system which allows the driver to use voice commands, in order to control all the multimedia features and ensures that there is never the need to take your hands off the wheel. The chunky steering wheel with its audio controls is also very comfortable.

Dash - TB

To conclude my impressions of the 2015 Ford Focus ST, the feelings which I am left with is value, value, value ! there are other hot hatches which are available on the market, but few can even begin to try and match the Ford’s fun, space, comfort and overall offering especially in this category and price point.

For more check out my video review:









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