Editor – Jason “The Bok” – Date: 24 July 2015

I was recently given the opportunity to explore the 2015 Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost and decided to take it on a little road trip.

Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost TecnoBok-2When you first approach the Focus, its evident that it has retained a large amount of its DNA, which gained it much appeal and popularity dating back to its first generation. It is still a vehicle, which remains sporty in feel, while maintaining an air of presence, space and quality.

Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost TecnoBok-15

While much of the DNA has been retained, it is impossible to ignore some of the cosmetic changes, which make the 2015 Focus fit in exceptionally well with Ford’s family line. To start, the Focus now features Ford’s striking “Aston” style grill. The front headlamps also swoop back along the bonnet lines, giving the car an overall athletic design cue. While the side profile of the Focus has remained in keeping with the previous vehicle, stepping round the back, you quickly realise that the tail lamps no longer curl down the tailgate, but rather boldly protrude, allowing the vehicle to easily be identified when parking in the lot.

Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost TecnoBok-8

When you jump inside the 2015 Focus, the modern design elements continue inside. With a cabin built of good quality, soft touch materials, and super comfortable seating throughout, its immediately evident that this vehicle has been built with practicality in-mind. Thanks to a heavier curb weight, the Focus streams a sense of solidity, and this can be felt while steam-rolling potholes or during a simple highway commute.

Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost TecnoBok-18

Ford have made use of some smart technology in this vehicle including the very intuitive Ford SYNC, which allows you as the driver to never have the need to remove your hands from the wheel while driving. Simply speaking to the voice command system allows for a host of actions including adjusting the media, Bluetooth telephony etc.

Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost TecnoBok-11

When it comes to the pumps, the cheerful Ford does rather well, thanks to its 1.5 L EcoBoost engine, the vehicle remains more effecient than the previous generation Focus, while also managing to chuck out even more power than the previous gen 2.0 L engine. Ford have down sized their engine compliment for the Focus, and thanks to the clever use of smaller turbocharged engines, effeciency is up, with emissions and green ratings up. The new smaller and lighter engine, also helps your pocket when it comes to filling-up. With its inline four cylinder turbocharged engine, the 1.5 L EcoBoost is also no loaf on power.


Overall the 2015 Focus with its European designed chassis, solid build and road holding, and turbocharged EcoBoost engines delivers exactly what you would expect, its handsome sporty ride, with lounge suite comfort and enough toys to keep the family entertained on the daily commute. With prices ranging from R217,900 all the way to R421,900 for the ST, if you’re in the market for a family vehicle, Ford’s Focus may just be the one for you.


Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost TecnoBok-19

Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost TecnoBok-16

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