Editor: Jason “The Bok” Date – 15 Aug 2016

Ford are claimed to have sold in excess of 4,5 million Mondeo models worldwide since the model first emerged in 1993. The reason that the Mondeo was such a big hit, was the fact that it simply offered a wealth of real-world space, practicality, and technology all at an affordable price. I therefore, decided that I had to take the Mondeo’s successor for a drive and see what this modern fourth generation incarnation dubbed the Fusion has to offer.

Ford Fusion - TBK6

The first question to ask is, does the all-new Ford Fusion offer a “white collar executive sedan ride at a blue collar price?

I am glad to report, that the answer is yes! The all-new Ford Fusion stands tall with its large imposing exterior. With its front-end chrome grill smile as wide as Arizona, and its long, commanding profile, the Ford Fusion certainly demands respect from the moment you first see it.

Ford Fusion - TBK8On the inside, you enter a cabin which offers enough space to comfortably seat five full-size adults. Though the overall interior build is not quite as premium to the touch, as say Audi, BMW or Mercedes range of mid-to-large size sedans, there is not a single creature comfort lacking. You also have seats large enough to accommodate an adult or child of any size.

Ford Fusion - TBK7These large dimensions are further continued on to the Fusion’s boot loading capacity. I am honestly struggling to think of almost any vehicle on the market, which offers quite as large a boot space as the Fusion does.

“The most technologically advanced Ford yet”

Kuda Takura, brand manager for Ford South Africa spoke at great length of the technological advancements within the Fusion. It is very quick to see what why Ford refer to the Fusion as “the most technologically advanced Ford yet.”

Ford Fusion - TBK2When you step inside, you are immediately alerted to a string of red lights situated above the driver’s instrument cluster. This line of light alerts you to the vehicles incredible smart radar guided cruise control system. The radar-based system ensures that the vehicle maintains a safe cruising speed and distance based on the vehicle in front of you at all times when the system in engaged.

The Ford fusion also features lane departure assist warnings, lane-keep assist warning and a wealth of passive and active safety technologies, which make this vehicle an incredibly safe family sedan. In terms of media and entertainment, the Ford Fusion offers the Ford SYNC 2 system. This system allows for full voice-based command of everything from your vehicle’s radio/mp3 player to the vehicle’s air-conditioning controls.


Developed in association with Microsoft, the Ford SYNC media system provides a refreshingly easy touch-based media centre platform, which also makes provision for media to be attached via USB, 3.5mm auxiliary cable, and even RCA auxiliary connection.

All models within the Fusion line-up feature automatic gearboxes. The automatic gearbox includes sporty “F1” style paddles on the steering wheel and this helps make for a very swift and sporty drive, even when coupled with the 1.5-litre Ecoboost engine, the smallest engine in the range. With 132 Kw of power and 240 Nm of torque, Ford claims that the 1.5-litre Ecoboost engine will average a combined 5.5-litres/100Km.

Ford Fusion - TBK5The Ford Fusion offers a refreshing, almost past era approach to affordable, spacious and practical executive family style motoring, but does all of this with the addition of bang up-to-date technology. The Ford Fusion comes with a comprehensive four-year or 120,000km warranty, a four-year or 80,000km service plan and three years of roadside assistance.

SA Pricing:

Ranges From – R416,900 – R552,900

Click below to watch my full video review, while driving the Ford Fusion:

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