Associate Contributor: David – Date – 09 April 2020

It’s America’s Icon. It’s one of the world’s greatest motoring icons. Welcome to the 2020 Ford Mustang. The Mustang has always been a vehicle which is all about choice and this latest generation is available in 5 unique variations here in South Africa. Whether you choose the 2.3-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine or the 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 in either coupe or convertible or even the special Bullitt Edition you are in for something of a treat.

Distinctly Mustang

From every angle, there is no denying that the Mustang features iconic automotive design. It is the vehicle which has featured in more movie role than any other vehicle on the planet and the one which we quickly associate with the flashing lights of the United States.

This latest-generation continues much of the body language from that of its predecessor, only know with sharper lines and edges and more in the way of technology. The crucial differences come in the way of further improved performance, partly thanks to a new 10-speed automated transmission. The grunt is made by either this 2.3-litre turbocharged 4-cylinder produces 213 kW and 440 Nm or the mighty 5.0-litre V8 engine which packs 331 kW and 529 Nm.

Performance is brisk with the 2.3-litre Fastback hitting 100 kph in a claimed 5.5 seconds, while the 5.0 GT Fastback does the same sprint in 4.3 seconds.

Distinctly Modern

In addition to the performance enhancements, this latest-generation Mustang has moved the posts further in terms of its technological advancements. The most notable change comes in the way of a fully-digital instrumentation cluster, particularly nifty when switching through the various drive modes which include Normal, Sport+, RACE, Snow/Ice and even a Line Lock Mode.

Under the skin, there’s a revised chassis, the option of adaptive damping, while its exterior appearance now sports new-look front end, revised grille, sporty bonnet, and new-look headlights.

Conclusion & SA Pricing

The Mustang is what it has always been. It’s a no-nonsense fun-loving smile-maker, it’s the double cheeseburger with extra fries and a shake. Though it may lack some of the finesse we see in European sportscars, what it certainly makes-up for is, its attitude and ability to make you smile every time you see it, let alone drive it.

Ford Mustang 2.3 FASTBACK                        R809 200
Ford Mustang 2.3 CONVERTIBLE                 R875 000
Ford Mustang 5.0 GT FASTBACK                  R964 400
Ford Mustang 5.0 GT CONVERTIBLE            R1029 700
Ford Mustang Bullitt 5.0 V8 GT FASTBACK   R1047 900

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