Editor: Jason “The Bok” – Date 15 Oct 2015

Having just attended the South African launch event for the #NewRangerLaunch I would just like to share some of the amazing time spent driving the new Ford Ranger.

Ranger-4The new Ford Ranger is a seriously capable vehicle, and it was immediately apparent upon arrival at the Cape Town International airport, the bold new styling and Ford’s updated built tough look for the 2015 Ranger.



Ranger-2The interior has also been further improved, with bold new trim options, and even the inclusion of the Ford 8″ Touchscreen display available, as I explored on my review of the Focus ST: http://technobok.co.za/ford-focus-st-performance-comfort-value/ (Watch video for demo of Ford Sync)

Ranger-6Conquering our way from Cape Town, through to Ceres, we encountered a lot of very rough terrain. The Ford however can be set to make light of any rough and tumble situation by simply engaging the various power delivery modes such as 2L ; 4H and even 4L to get through any situation, the vehicle also offers locking differentials.

Further vehicle SA specs and details can be found at: http://technobok.co.za/new-tougher-smarter-more-capable-new-ford-ranger/

Can your vehicle do this?

Ranger-5Overall the experience of driving the all new 2015 Ford Ranger was an unforgettable one, the vehicles overall capability, style and offering make it a very attractive package.

Ranger-7Check out my event video footage of the #NewRangerLaunch event:

Also check out the launch video of Ford SA

Thank you Ford South Africa

Full SA Pricing ; Specs and Further details at:

New Tougher, Smarter, More Capable New Ford Ranger


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