1Ford highlights four reasons why the Ford Ranger is the perfect vehicle for dads who want tough, rugged bakkie that will also keep their family safe

  • The Ranger’s Traction Control and Locking Rear Differential increase control on the road at any time
  • The Ranger designed to handle tough roads and tough conditions making regular driving easy on the Ranger’s brakes

Dad’s love big and tough cars. They love being able to go anywhere – outdoor sports, adventures in nature, and weekends away with the family. However, hitting the road somewhere across South Africa’s wide landscape has its challenges.

The ideal car for this lifestyle has to be tough enough to handle the elements and terrain, but safe enough that dad feels comfortable taking the whole family on the adventure. This Father’s Day, Ford Motor Company of South Africa would like to give dads four reasons why the Ford Ranger is the perfect vehicle for the job:

  1. Complete Control

Rain, dirt roads, steep hills, gravel and rocks – all these conditions can reduce traction and cause cars to skid or get stuck.

The Ford Ranger tackles these risks by increasing your control through its Traction Control (which can be toggled between 4×2 and 4×4) and Locking Rear Differential. While these features were designed to allow the Ranger to traverse the roughest of terrain, you are safe in the knowledge that, at the push of a button, they increase your control on the road at any time.

It is a system Ford tested on ice, on an incline, in Arctic temperatures.

  1. More Than Braking

The Ranger has an anti-lock braking system (ABS), but because the Ranger is made for taking on the world its brakes are not used only for stopping.

When going down a hill, the Ranger’s Hill Descent Control manages the vehicle’s speed while brake pressure is applied to each wheel independently for maximum traction. All this without the driver having to touch the pedals.

Off-road conditions often call for constant and hard braking, the Ranger’s brakes are made of durable and lightweight materials that do not weaken under high temperatures or when carrying a load.


  1. Size and Strength

The Ranger has a ground clearance of 230mm and 800mm of water wading depth*. It is designed to go over mountains, through jungles and rivers, so it will keep you safe from any imperfect roads, debris, or unexpected potholes when you are on your way to work.

Off-road driving also puts severe pressure on the body of the car. The Ranger was designed to twist over uneven ground, and makes use of an ultra-high-strength chassis and forgiving yet responsive suspension to ensure a smooth and reliable drive.

  1. New Technology

Naturally, the Ranger has the typical safety features such Electronic Stability and airbags. It has many airbags: duel front, drive knee, side curtain and side seat are standard on all Ranger XLT models.

Then there is the smart stuff as well. You can choose your Ranger with Lane Keeping Alert and Lane Keeping Aid, Adaptive Cruise Control, Front and Rear Park Assist, Tyre Pressure Monitoring, and even Driver Impairment Monitor, which uses sensors to tell if you seem to be getting drowsy.

The Ranger also meets the strictest standards with a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating. It’s big, it’s tough, and it could be one of the safest cars you will drive.

This Father’s Day, if you are looking for an adventure, why not let the Ranger take you there? With its ability to take on nearly any terrain while keeping you and your family safe, the Ford Ranger will help you get the most out of your journey and take on the world with confidence.

*4×2 Hi Rider and 4×4 models only, maintaining a steady speed of not more than 7km/h

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