Editor: Jason “The Bok” Date – 21 Dec 2018

If a Martian came down to earth and asked you why he should rather buy a large established SUV brand from anywhere else in the world rather than one from China, you’d really be hard-pressed to give him an answer! Meet the Haval Motors H6C.

What is it?

The Haval H6C is a medium-sized luxury SUV, which competes in the medium-SUV (family car) category of the market and which somehow manages to pack the expensive “big-boy” toys for much less money. The H6C is a very similar length and height as the likes of the Mazda CX-5 or Kia Sportage and Honda CR-V with its own unique styling and looks.

What About Creature Comforts?

Perhaps most incredible about the entire H6C package, is its ability to start from a price of just R329,900 and even at this low price point for a medium-sized SUV manage to offer seriously impressive interior space. Apart from the spacious interior, the Haval offers some very impressive technical aspects, including the likes 8-way electric seats, dual-zone climate control, switchable mood lighting, cruise control, front and rear park distance control with rear camera and even side-view mounted camera’s.

HAVAL-H6C-0001In the range-topping Luxury spec model as we tested, everything from comfortable leather seats, to that of what you’d expect to find on a well optioned German SUV for instance in terms of technology was present, and amazingly all at far less money. The vehicle even features a centrally located 8-inch touchscreen media system and much switchgear to rival its major brand counterparts.

The Drive

The Haval H6C provides a smooth power-delivering drive. With its 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol driven motor, it produces peak outputs of 140 kW and 310 Nm of torque. The power is delivered in a gradual but steady surge and all power is sent through its 6-speed automatic gearbox which is smooth to the shift.

HAVAL-H6C-0002While power is impressive, the Haval does tend to be a tad on the thirsty side from a modern-day consumption perspective. Through my week of testing, I averaged a combined figure of between 10 and 12-litres per 100 km.

Haval has worked hard with the H6C to offer substantial ride-comfort and NVH levels, which make it an impressive, smooth-riding luxury SUV.

Safety Standards, Space & Family Elements

With all major safety features covered, the H6C offers ABS, EBD, brake assist and stability control as standard across the range and the range-topping Luxury derivative is even equipped with an impressive 6 airbags throughout the cabin as well.

HAVAL-H6C-InteriorHaval claims a luggage capacity of 247 litres with all the seats folded-upright and a utility space of 1 146 litres with the seats folded. The ability to adjust the tilt-angle of even the rear seat backrests is a welcome addition to any practical family vehicle.

Conclusion & Price

China has certainly shown us that they can produce some very impressive goods, particularly within the last few years. The Haval H6C builds on a brand setting its sights very high and managing to offer what many simply cannot at even close to its price point. With many features, stylish design and a spacious interior, it seems like it should certainly be considered if you are shopping for a mid-size luxury SUV, particularly on a budget.

Haval H6C City (MT) – R329,900

Haval H6C Premium (MT) – R349,900

Haval H6C Luxury (MT) – R369,900


Haval H6C City (DCT) – R359,900

Haval H6C Premium (DCT) – R379,900

Haval H6C Luxury (DCT) – R399,900 [As Tested]

(Displayed photography supplied – Haval Motors)

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