Huawei Y Series is leaps and bounds ahead of its contenders

19 May 2016 – Huawei Consumer Business Group today announced the arrival of its Huawei Y6Pro and Y6 to the African market. Looking at these devices, it is hard to believe that they are entry-level devices.

Both the Y6 and Y6 Pro come with features that are synonymous with this innovative and bold brand – world class technology and style.


“The Y6 series is perfect for the African market where cost and functionality are equally important.  This device is ideal for those who need their phone to last for a period of time without being charged. It is one of the only phones in this price range that can tolerate days of heavy usage,” says Peter Hu, Managing Director of East and Southern Africa, Huawei Consumer Business Group.

The Y6 Pro boasts a super powerful battery and it is extremely quick to charge, in just 10 minutes of charging from 0% battery delivers 3 hours of call time. Furthermore, the device doubles as a portable charger, powering up devices and other phones on the go and doubles up as a portable charger.

The Huawei Y6Pro is not only a technologically advanced smartphone, it also looks stunning too. At just 8.5mm thin it’s a phone that allows single hand control, incredibly important for people who live their lives on the go. Its mid-frame has a distinct thin metallic coating technique giving the device a superior finish and the addition of anti-false touch design means users won’t accidently activate their phone.

“The Y6 also boasts a functionality that does not exists in its peer range. It has superb photography capabilities to capture the most important moments on-the-go.  The Huawei Y6 makes it easy for users to capture beautifully clear and vivid pictures in all lighting conditions and this is because it has an 8MP rear-facing camera with a F2.0 aperture and 5μm sensor pixels, making it the perfect tool for recording life’s moments as they happen,” adds Hu.

For those whose phone is rarely out of arms reach, both phones come with a touchscreen display, making them the perfect companion for video and entertainment.  The Huawei Y6 has a screen-to-body ratio of 72 percent, giving users the comfortable convenience of seamless single-hand operability.

The Y6 Pro has an ergonomic water-wave curve, which uses over five thousand different techniques, over five days of grinding and polishing, to create an uneven pattern, giving a beautiful pattern of light and shade.

“Huawei is one of the few device suppliers that owns laboratories certified by global authorities boasting the world’s top-tier test equipment. We have designed these devices to ensure that they will live up to the expectations of its users, a smartphone that won’t let them down and will last the test of time,” concludes Hu.


Y6 Pro: Fact Sheet

The most powerful battery in its category

  • 4000mAh battery Y6Pro provides about 90 hours of light use, 48 hours of heavy use and 12 hours of web surfing.
  • Power Saving technology 3.0
  • Long lasting battery capable of two days of heavy usage
  • Flash charge – Quick charging via two-amp (5V2A) charger, a 10-minute charge supports 3-hour talk time.
  • Reverse charging functionality – charge other devices and gadgets


Feature-packed camera experience

  • 13MP rear-facing camera with F2.0 aperture
  • 5MP front-facing camera with F2.2 aperture
  • Seven piece multi-layered lens used to create a superior lens experience
  • Ultra-fast snapshot
  • Hi-Speed Continual Capture Mode
  • Large aperture mode
  • Backlight mode
  • Panorama mode
  • Photo editing features, including 10-level auto face enhancement


Stunning, tactile design

  • Distinct thin metallic texture coating technique
  • Non-conductive vacuum coating
  • Anti-false touch button design
  • Ergonomic Water-Wave Curve handset design


Tried and tested 

  • Vigorous testing for over 100 hours, including:
  • Power button click test – 200,000 times
  • USB interface plug and pull – 10,000 times
  • On/off test – 10,000 times
  • Slide button click – 50,000 times
  • Tumbling test – 200 times
  • 70kg of load force
  • 8 hours of sand and dust
Model Huawei Y6Pro
Operation System Android 5.1 + Huawei EMUI 3.1 Lite
Processor Model  MT6735P 4 x 1.3GHz
Support Network FDD-LTE Band: 1/3

TDD-LTE Band: 38/39/40/41

UMTS: 900/2100 MHz

GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 900/1800/1900 MHz

Screen Size 5.0” inch HD (1280 x 720)
Screen Resolution 1280 x 720
Primary Camera 13MP
Front Camera 5MP
Battery Capacity 4000mAh Li-Polymer battery with Power Saving technology 3.0
Memory 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM
Color Gold/White/Gray
Size 143.1mmx71.8mmx9.7mm

(Height ,Width, Depth)

Weight Approximately 160g
Sensor G-sensor, P-sensor, L-sensor
Sim card Dual Sim
Connection Wi-fi 802.11 b/g/n, support wi-fi hotspot, wi-fi direct

Bluetooth 4.0


Designed for Simplicity: Sleek, Stylish and Conveniently Compact


  • Featuring a 5-inch 1280 x 720 IPS touchscreen display, the Huawei Y6 is the perfect companion for video and entertainment.


  • With a screen-to-body ratio of 72 percent, the Huawei Y6 brings users the comfortable convenience of seamless single-hand operability.


Your Life at Your Fingertips: Superb Photography Capabilities to Capture Most Important Moments On-The-Go


  • Featuring an 8MP rear-facing camera with a F2.0 aperture and 5μm sensor pixels, the Huawei Y6 makes it easy for users to capture beautifully clear and vivid pictures in all lighting conditions.


  • With various smart frames to match the photo taken (Watermark Photos), the Huawei Y6 is the perfect tool for recording life’s moments as they happen.


A Delight for Your Ears: Superior Audio Experience with Integrated Sound Chamber System and Dynamic Range Control 


  • The Huawei Y6 affords quality audio experiences thanks to its integrated sound chamber, which increases audio volume by 1.5 times allowing for more immersive listening experiences and fewer missed calls.


Model Huawei Y6


Display 5-inch LTPS display
Operating System Android™ 5.1




1GB / 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM, support for MicroSD card up to 32GB
Front-facing Camera:


Rear-facing Camera:


8MP with F2.0 aperture


143.5 mm x 72.1 mm x 8.5 mm


Approximately 155g


LTE / GSM / UMTS / HSPA+ / WIFI / Bluetooth
Processor MSM8909 Quad-Core 1.1GHz
  • 2,200 mAh lithium polymer
  • 300 hours of standby time
  • 11 hours of talk time
  • 4 hours charging time


 Huawei debunks battery charging myths and shows leadership in the category

By Peter Hu, Managing Director of East and Southern Africa, Huawei Consumer Business Group.

The verdict is in. Everyone has one big ask for their phone and that’s better battery life. In 2015 visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show voted improved battery life as the most critical feature in a smartphone. It is 2016 and only now are phone manufacturers starting to get the message. Many brands are clamoring trying to provide devices that meet their customers basic need.

We are Huawei are proud to say that not only did we understand our users’ for a long lasting battery, we have also addressed another users pain point, which is the time it takes to charge a battery. Already in 2015 we unveiled a super battery prototype, demonstrating its tech advancements on two prototype removable lithium-ion batteries that can be fully recharged in only a few minutes. Now this battery expertise is filtering down to our everyday handsets.

Our new premium entry level phone Huawei Y6Pro boasts the most powerful battery in its category. It clocks in at 4000mAh and utilises Power Saving technology 3.0 to stay strong through an impressive two days’ heavy usage with an extremely quick charge time; just 10 minutes of charging delivers three hours of call time. Adding to that, the phone can also double up as a portable charger for other devices.

Despite a clear understanding of the value of powerful batter, many consumers are still unclear on issues such as when to charge it, how long to charge it for and how to get the best from your battery. To help users get the outmost of their battery, we have compiled a selection of the most common mobile charging myths and debunked them.


This is the most common charging myth; however, it’s no longer true anymore. Today’s batteries are lithium-ion, which means they don’t have memories, they can’t be trained to take more charge and there’s no reason not to top up your battery whenever you feel like it.


An off-brand charger won’t affect your battery, but cheap, knock-off chargers are a different story as they have been proven to be a safety hazard. Branded chargers are the best if you have a special model like the Huawei Y6Pro’s super-fast two-amp (5V2A) charger that powers three hours of talk time in just 10 minutes because of its Smart Power Saving technology using eight separate power-optimisation approaches.


Today’s mobile batteries don’t have memories (see Myth #1) but they are smart. Your battery will stop charging when it’s full and leaving it plugged in overnight does no real harm. Saying that, if your phone runs hot, remove its case before an overnight charge session to ensure excess heat can escape.


Smartphone batteries have been designed to function at normal room temperature. Is your refrigerator normal room temperature? No? Then definitely don’t put your phone inside it. The freezer and the oven are also off limits, and sunny car dashboards should be avoided too.


While phones can benefit from an occasional break, there’s no reason to power off while charging. Smartphone designers know they’re building phones, so batteries are designed to work well under full-time use. Power down if your phone is running particularly slowly or you need to install an update, but otherwise, don’t bother.

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