Editor Jason “The Bok” Date: 24 April 2016

For many years motoring’s “D Segment” has been German dominated territory. The likes of the Mercedes Benz C-Class, Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series have dominated this space. Things however are about to change, Jaguar have introduced the very attractive new XE to the market.

XE-7The Jaguar XE shares many styling characteristics with its siblings, the Jaguar XF, XJ and F-Type. With slashing sporty styling, a distinct nose and grill, the Jaguar stands out very well from the crowd. With its distictly British design elements, the XE look like nothing else within this segment.

XE-4Sporting looks, however is just the beginning. The Jaguar sits on a largely aluminium chasis, with a uniquely designed suspension set-up and power being delivered by an engine built it Jaguar Land Rovers hi-tech Ingenium engine plant. This taylor made blend of materials and power translates to a fantastically brisk, nimble and athletic drive. The Jaguar feels incredibly planted on the road and allows you to feel the road, while it almost manages to pull off a Jaguar F-Type sports car feel. Very impressive for an executive sedan. The Jaguar which I drove for the review featured the 2.0 Litre turbodiesel four-cylinder engine. The amazing part about this engine is how immediate the power delivery is and the absolutely phenomenal fuel economy which it delivers.

Jaguar claim this engine will average a combined fuel economy of around 5,5 Litres/100km. I am certainly inclined to believe this figure, having tested the XE through a multitude of driving scenarios over an entire week and only managing to consume less than half of the tank of fuel throughout this test period.

XE-10-intWhen it comes to the cabin, once again you are cocooned in a space filled with premium grade materials, this including leather in just about all places. Piano black finishes also feature throughout the cabin as well as Jaguars textbook rising gear selector. As if the interior space is not dramatic enough, Jaguar has also added its unique pulsating red starter button to the dash.

XE-8-intDue to the XE’s sporting stance and low profile, space in the rear passenger compartment is rather limited, with less overall space than most others within this segment. This being said however, the Jaguar manages to pack a very generous 455-litre boot. The Jaguar also features clever little seat release catches in the boot, which allows you to effortlessly drop the rear 60/40 split seats and load the large space.

1Media and infotainment is handled thanks to Jaguar Land Rovers modern new touchscreen-based media system. It is very clean in appearance and offers a metro tile styled UI interface. Everything within system is easy to navigate and use and the overall system provides a welcome place to the overall well appointed interior space.

XE-5Jaguar has entered this very well established market space and have done so fighting. The XE introduces many unique features and offers a sporty drive which is very hard to match within this space. With its clever range of engines and incredibly pretty looks, the Jaguar certainly puts together a very good fight. I am confident that this all-new XE will give its German counterparts a very good run for their money and I really have enjoyed its athletic driving stance.

XE - 12

Pricing for the XE in South Africa ranges from R561,500 – R953,500 for the supercharged 3.0 V6 S edition. Further details, specs and configurations can be seen at: http://www.jaguar.co.za/jaguar-range/xe/index.html

To see  what its like driving the Jaguar XE, kindly watch my video review below:

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