Jeep Renegade

– Editor : Jason “The Bok” – Date: 21 May 2015

The Jeep Renegade launch event has just taken place (18 May 2015). This exciting little vehicle offers a lot considering its affordable price point.

The renegade is something a little different, and I rather like that. It does not have looks that everyone will instantly fall in love with, but with its cute toy like characteristics, this mini off-roader certainly leaves its mark.

In collaboration with Fiat, the Reneagde is powered by a 1.4T engine, and this is easily enough oomph for this agile little body. Everything looks at little different to the previous Jeep hand writing, and I rather like the fact that this vehicle is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Renegade - TBok

The interior is a spacious place to be. It is well appointed and features the optional “My Sky” removeable roof panels, which allow the maximum amount of light into the cabin, and make it appear even more spacious and air filled. With Jeeps traction management system and short wheel base, this little one is an extremely good climber.

Speedometer cluster with its configurable massive 7 inches is another great feature, and sign of modern motoring to come.



With its 5-6.5″ display, tech is no problem in this vehicle. It offers Bluetooth, optional satelite radio, and of course the option of fully voice guided sat-nav and your full host of media hosting including DVD, Aux and you name it, the list goes on. It also has a very clever and creative instrument binnacle, which displays info about the vehicle and road driving conditions in an easy to read, and understand centre colour display.

Renegade - TBok-disp Instrum

It also features lane departure warning and blind-spot assist “particularly useful on SA’s taxi congested roads.”


Rear-view backing up camera with trajectory lines, makes backing up a breeze, this coupled with this easy to manage body, makes for the perfect little package.

Renegade - TBok-Light

Overall I think that this vehicle, will be a big seller, and appeal to both the younger first time SUV market, as well as being a great affordable little people mover with a good overall offering. I am looking forward to bringing you further details of this vehicle soon.

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