Editor: Jason “The Bok” Date – 03 September 2020

The Lenovo Channel awards has been with us for a few years as a way to celebrate excellence and achievements of the brand channel partners which work with Lenovo and the brand’s dynamic array of products and services.

While this year things were a bit different due to the current global pandemic in terms of a massive party and get together, the celebrations were all the same with Lenovo thanks to a digital awards ceremony and announcing category runners up and winners across the board all of whom have played there own part in being part of Lenovo’s successful journey.  So without anything further let us celebrate the winners in the Lenovo Channel Awards 2019/20.

PCG Silver Partner – Collaborative IT Solutions

PCG Gold Partner – Micro-D

PCG Platinum Partner – Computron World

PCG Distributor – Rectron

Commercial SADC PCG Partner – Channel IT

PCG SADC Distributor – Drive Contol

PCG Services Partner – Partserve Channel Support

PDG Commercial Champion – Jaco Oosthuizen

DCG Silver Partner – EOH/Aptronics

DCG Gold Partner award – Business Connexion

DCG Platinum Partner – TCM

DCG Distributor – Mustek

DCG Services Partner – TCM

DCG Chamption – Trevor van Zyl

Consumer South Africa Retailer – Evetech

Consumer SADC Retailer – Furnmart

Consumer Gold Partner – Omni Digital

Consumer Platinum Partner – SOS Mobile

Consumer Champion – Mia Botha

Consumer Distribution – Axiz

Service Champion – Mike Khalira Phiri

Commercial Deal – Arshaad Samsodien and Tim  Humphreys-Davies

Industry Executive – Spencer Chen

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