Editor: Jason “The Bok” – Date: 20 Dec 2016

These days many of the world’s largest automakers are producing large executive saloon cars with massive engines under the bonnet. They are producing these powerful and executive machines in order to fuel a growing demand for a blend of space, luxury, comfort and above all POWER!

Maserati is name associated with pioneering this segement, meet the Quattroporte. Italian (quattro, meaning four) and (porte, meaning doors), the Maserati Quattroporte was first introduced by the Italian sportscar maker in 1963 at the Turin Motorshow. The Quattroporte has been amazing the world ever since with its symbiosis of Italian sporting prowess and passion and emotion.

quattroporte-v8_06I was invited to view some of Maserati’s laests automobiles during the start of the Maserati Ocean yachting race. While at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town enjoying the racing, I was also priviledeg enough to take the latest generation Quattroporte GTS for a drive.

In the past 50 years, the Quattroporte has remained the flagship model. “Forever exclusive, never mainstream, it has always been daringly different – for those who dare to be different.” The Quattroporte GTS features the twin-turbo V8, will be available exclusively with either the GranLusso or GranSport trims as part of the standard equipment. The eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox ensures precise gearchanges and exceptional performance and couples beautfifully with the Quattroporte’s whoping 3.8-litre engin with 395 kW’s of power.

quattroporte-v8_35What makes the Quattroporte GTS so unbelievably special, is the way in which you are encased in the lap of luxury with walnut trim, soft leather and a suede of aluminium panels and despite this luxury, it still remains a true piece of Italian artwork with a beating heart!

Priced from ZAR 2,104,260 the Quattroporte is one exceptional automobile. Further details can be found at:


Watch my drive in 2016 Quattroporte GTS below:


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