Author – Jason “The Bok” – Date – 05 July 2015

I recently jumped into the 2015 Mazda 2 1.5L Diesel Hazumi edition, and expected to find another class B hatch which offers an overall similar offering to the others rivals within this category, I could not have been any more wrong!


The 2015 Mazda 2 is styled with what Mazda’s terms its Kodo design philosophy and this shows through every line, angle and aspect of this vehicle. Not only is the new Mazda 2 and incredibly striking vehicle to behold, it also offers you features and creature comforts that you simply can’t believe this class of vehicle can deliver.

Mazda2 - rear

From the outside the 1.5L Diesel Hazumi edition Mazda 2 looks phenomenal and wow’s you as it drives by, but for me where everything really comes to life is the interior. Mazda have done an amazing job of keeping to the “less is more” philosophy, and stepping into the Mazda 2, you are immediately encased in a world of quality touch materials, gorgeous design, and quite possibly one of the most comfortable and best spec cabins I have ever stepped into, especially true in this segment of vehicle.

Mazda2 - Int

The vehicle takes care of multimedia thanks to its large central display, which features the option to make use of every imaginable media source from, dual USB slots, CD Frontloader, MP3 ; Satelite Radio support (through various IOS and Android available apps) ; AM/FM Radio Bands, and even a 3.5m audio slot as if there is not enough tech features already!!

Mazda2 - Int - Dash

Couple the above with Satelite Navigation ; Full Voice Command System, and full steering wheel controls, and you’ll soon see why I regard the new Mazda 2 a class leader.

Mazda2 - Infotainment

Mazda2 - rear int

Driving the Mazda 2, you’ll quickly notice that its 1.5L engine has more than ample power, and delivers this very well, especially at the higher end of the rev-range. The vehicle also features DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), as well as Skyactive Technology, and this gives you loads of confidence in the bends, and on those un-even road ¬†surfaces. The Mazda 2 features full climate control, keyless entry and go, as well as some of the best seats around, with a near perfect driving position and very legible, unobstructed visual of its semi-digital/analogue instrument cluster. Even the mobility of the vehicles seating positions, telescoping height-adjustable steering wheel and choice of automatic or semi-auto mode gearbox further contribute to this fantastic ride.

Mazda2 - bonnet

The Mazda which I have been driving the 1.5L Diesel Turbocharged Hazumi edition is capable of producing consumption figures of 4.4/100km, and this is something I am happy to give testament that, even after pushing the car through every imaginable driving situation throughout Cape Town, the needle hardly flinched. This makes the new Mazda 2 a perfect family city commuter or long-distance cruiser.

Mazda2 - Watch

Mazda2 - Zoom Zoom

There are times when the bar is lifted on expectations, and this is certainly this case with the new Mazda 2. The Kodo design inspiration has turned a small hatch into what I would rather term a “Super Mini,” and all because it is able to embody the essential elements of style, sophistication, ease of usability and ultimate comfort all for exceptional price point. The new Mazda gives both the driver and the passengers the excuse to go explore the journey ahead, and for this reason I can recommend it in a heart beat. Check out my video review to see my driving impressions of the new Mazda 2 “Zoom Zoom”

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