Editor: Jason “The Bok” Date – 20 Oct 2017

Some time back I fell in love with the Mazda CX-3. Bold styling, compact lines and its quality approach to compact crossover motoring help make it a very enjoyable and easy vehicle to live with. For 2017 Mazda introduced some very nifty upgrades which make the already impressive CX-3 even better.

What’s Changed?

Technological Advancements

The most notable change comes in the way of a system known by Mazda as G-Vectoring. First introduced in the Mazda 3, this highly intelligent system uses the engine’s torque to shift power and weight and therefore, to work in the vehicle’s favour in order to improve the handling.

With fewer adjustments being required by the driver, it also improves on overall safety and decreases driver fatigue, especially that which is evident on longer journeys.

From a safety front, Mazda has added lane departure warning assist, adaptive headlights, and a system known as Smart City Brake Support(SCBS). The SCBS system issues visual and audible warnings if the risk of a collision is detected. The early warnings are there to assist greatly in helping the driver mitigate a collision in quicker time than often possible by driver reaction alone.

Styling Upgrades

1The recently introduced range-topping Individual Plus Auto offers some safety additions as well as improved visual changes. Elegant silver trim panels now adorn the lower side-sills either side of the vehicle and the design of the wheels has also been tweaked with a more intricate pattern.

2Apart from the visual exterior upgrades, the interior of the CX-3 remains a premium grade space with materials such as suede, leather and even some very sporty red and black cross-stitched panels as well carbon style inserts and paddles behind the steering wheel.

SA Pricing 

Mazda CX-3 2.0L Active Manual – R284 800

Mazda CX-3 2.0L Active Auto 2.0L – R302 100

Mazda CX-3 2.0L Dynamic Manual – R310 700

Mazda CX-3 2.0L Dynamic Auto 2.0L – R322 700

Mazda CX-3 2.0L Individual Auto – R365 400

Mazda CX-3 2.0L Individual Plus Auto – R380 600 – AS TESTED


The CX-3 is sold with a 3-year/unlimited km warranty and Mazda’s a 3-year/unlimited km service plan.


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