Editor: Jason “The Bok” Date: 10 Mar 2016

When it comes to crossover vehicles and more specifically the compact crossover, it is a motoring segment gathering a lot of significance. With many buyers caught in between buying either a sporty roadster or a off-road SUV, the choice is often a tough one, thankfully Mazda might have just created the answer in the form of their CX-3.

Mazda CX-3 - 7

With it’s swooping lines, bold stance and prenounced design, the all new CX-3 is anything but bland. With design cues and elements of Mazda’s KODO design philosophy making their way into every element of this very modern machine.

The CX-3 badge represents a motoring segment gaining ever more presence, as it tastefully fills the gap between family compact SUV and sporty cruiser. With congested city lifestyles demanding a vehicle that is nimble, light and small enough to navigate through tight spaces, while the family require a vehicle which can handle their loading requirements and which looks good enough to keep-up with the neighbours latest showpiece, the all new CX-3 seems to tick all the correct boxes.

Mazda CX-3 - 8

No matter which angle you choose to approach the CX-3 from, it’s form and function working harmoniously. The same can be said when you step in-side the cabin. As I have come to expect, having recently driven much of Mazda’s product line-up, the level of interior build and trim-level is beyond expectation.

Mazda CX-3 - 10

The Mazda CX-3 is powered by Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology and features a 2.0 L engine which develops 115 KW of Power and 204 Nm of Torque. This more than comfortably propels the CX-3 high-way cruising speeds, while also keeping it a very nimble town cruiser. This engine also proves to be very efficient with Mazda’s combined consumption test figures being 6,5 L / 100 Km (FWD models only).

Mazda CX-3 - 2Mazda CX-3 - 3

Standard features on the CX-3 certainly don’t leave the driver begging for creature comforts. Mazda do an excellent job of ensuring that their vehicles feature most driving comforts you can think of as standard and if you add a fews toy’s on-top, your CX-3 can even easily ride with all the bells and whistles of a vehicle costing far in excess.

Mazda CX-3 - 4

With Mazda’s 7inch MZD entertainment system as standard, every form of imaginable media is catered from internet based radio applications such as (Aha ; Pandora and Stitcher). The vehicle also features dual USB slots on the dash, a 12 V power socket, as well as steering wheel controls for both audio and cruise controls. On top of these features, the CX-3 can be spec’ed to include lane departure warning assist, and a backing-up rear view camera ( a feature which I would personally opt for, having used it in the Mazda 3, it is something Mazda do very well!).

Mazda2-WatchAs I said earlier, the Mazda looks large and imposing from the outside, but what about interior cabin space and cargo load area? Well this is where you begin to notice the certain drawbacks of a vehicle with a swooping sportscar style appearance. Due to the CX-3’s floating rear pillars, some space has been taken away from rear passengers and boot space. While it is not unmanageable, the CX-3 does prove to be less spacious than some of it’s competitors taking into account my height of 5’11 when seated at the back. This however is not too big of an issue, nor a drawback which would sway my descision when considering that the seats can be folded flat in with it’s completely flat load floor and the high interior trim quality levels and overall comfortable seating offered within the Mazda CX-3.


What’s the overall verdict?

Watch my video review, by clicking below to see what the CX-3 is like to drive:


The Mazda CX-3 comes in at a price starting at R260,000 and goes upto R332,500 so if you are looking to spend anywhere from R250,000 upwards and you consider it’s very stylish looks, high-quality build and interior trim levels, this CX-3 should certainly be on your shopping shortlist when looking into buying a compact SUV.


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