The All-New Mazda CX-3: the standard for a new era

Mazda’s newest compact SUV


The All-New Mazda CX-3 offers a design of the finest quality and style thanks to the KODO – Soul of Motion design language. It adopts the full suite of SKYACTIV Technologies and has been carefully crafted to match human sensibilities in order to deliver performance that can be enjoyed without reservation. A fifth model in Mazda’s line-up of new-generation vehicles, its size and packaging aim to make it easy to use in a wide variety of situations.

The CX-3 is a completely new model with a boldly inspired exterior, a stylish interior as well as dynamic performance and sporty handling. Rather than focusing on spec sheet values, Mazda went back to the drawing board, looked at what essential values people seek in a car, and produced a brand new vehicle aimed to create the standard for a new era. With a combination of Mazda’s latest technology and design, maximised fuel efficiency and the latest active safety and connectivity technology; the compact cross-over is a successful combination of engineering, design and a flexible driver oriented approach.


“The product of Mazda’s latest design and technologies, the CX-3 is a vehicle that can suit the diverse lifestyles of today’s customers in any scene, from inner-city driving to enjoying the great outdoors – enabling customers to express their unique individuality. We believe the Mazda CX-3 will do well in the Southern Africa market”, comments Mr David Hughes, Managing Director of Mazda Southern Africa.


The All-New Mazda CX-3 is designed and built to the highest standard of performance and reliability. This standard is backed up by a 3-year unlimited kilometre factory warranty. To provide complete peace of mind motoring, a 3-year roadside assistance, a 3-year service plan and a 5-year Corrosion Warranty are also included.

Model line-up and Pricing


All-New Mazda CX-3 2.0L Active Manual – R254,900 (Incl VAT)

Auto 2.0L – R270,400 (Incl VAT)

  • Max power 115 kW @6000 rpm
  • Max torque 204 N/m @ 2800 rpm
  • 6 speed Manual/Auto Transmission
  • 4 speakers
  • Bluetooth
  • Alarm system
  • Cruise control
  • Halogen headlights
  • Hill Launch Assist
  • Manual Air-conditioning
  • Power fold mirrors
  • R16″ alloy wheels
  • Seat Lifter (driver)
  • Seat material (Cloth)
  • Segment radio display
  • i-STOP (on Auto model)
  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)- On Auto model

All-New Mazda CX-3 2.0L Dynamic Manual – R277,900 (Incl VAT)

Auto 2.0L – R 288,400 (Incl VAT)

  • 6 Speakers
  • Auto headlights- On/Off
  • Climate Control Air-conditioning
  • Front fog lamp
  • Leather steering wheel, gear, handbrake
  • i-STOP
  • Mazda connect with commander
  • Parking sensors (Rear)
  • Rain sensing wipers
  • Sunglass holder
  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)- On Auto model

All-New Mazda CX-3 2.0L Individual Auto – R 325,900 (Incl VAT)

  • 7 Speakers
  • Bose sound system
  • Head up display (HUD)
  • Leather & cloth seat combination
  • LED headlights
  • Integrated Navigation
  • Power sliding and tilt glass sunroof
  • Rear camera
  • R18″ alloy wheels
  • Privacy glass (rear side & back)


Fresh, new and alive

While sharing many KODO design traits with other new-generation models, the Mazda CX-3 exterior clearly expresses speed, quality and vitality. In an age of endless choice, it’s a look that stands out.


  • Striking proportions, powerful lines, short overhangs and a strong footing expresses Mazda’s KODO design language in the most stylish fashion.
  • The CX-3’s bold face centres around the grille and extends through the chromed signature wings into the headlamps.
  • Sleek cabin stretching from the rear- positioned A-pillars to the blacked-out D-pillars emphasises forward motion.
  • Wraparound rear windows create a visual rhythm and also improving visibility.
  • The flowing look underscored by the black wheel arch mouldings and side sill trim
  • Stylish tailgate forms conceal features like the rear parking camera from the Dynamic derivative.
  • Rear combination lamps stretch from the body into the liftgate with a shape echoing the headlamps.
  • Available with surface16-inch aluminium wheels on the Active and Dynamic models and 18-inch aluminium wheels which feature five sets of double spokes with a machined outer finish that contrasts with the gunmetal grey metallic contour on the Individual model.
  • Offered in nine body colours: Ceramic Metallic which was designed exclusively for the CX-3, Soul Red Metallic, Arctic White, Jet Black, Deep Crystal Blue, Meteor Grey, Titanium Flash, Dynamic Blue and Crystal White Pearl.


  • Developers came up with a radically new cabin echoing the CX-3’s exterior design, giving interior elements a handcrafted level of quality.
  • The interior wraps around occupants with character lines highlighting the CX-3’s high beltline, while the glass and unobtrusive pillar trim above also engender openness.
  • Notable driver’s seat adjustability of 260mm for the front-back range, 40mm vertically with 45mm of steering wheel tilt and 50mm telescopic range.
  • Top-class front shoulder and legroom.
  • Black cloth seats available for Active and Dynamic models and black leather and cloth combo for the Individual model.
  • Accents as above and a soft black padded decorative panel with red stitching.
  • A flexible boot that expands with rear seats folded.


Exceptionally refined

Human-centric layout and seating

  • All controls and switches are laid out from a human-centered perspective, providing the optimum driving position to support Jinba-Ittai driving.
  • This includes providing drivers with the clear view they need, while at the same time realizing a seating position with a low center of gravity that lends a reassuring sense of confidence when driving.
  • An independent seven-inch display mounted on the top of the dashboard is viewable with only a 17.2 degrees downward movement of the eyes.
  • The commander control, a device the driver can operate by touch alone to control information shown on the center display is positioned where the driver can access by lowering one hand from the steering wheel to the floor console in a natural motion. This allows the driver to operate them without taking their eyes off the road.
  • With 1,360mm of shoulder room, 690mm between the two front seats, and 1,058mm of legroom, the front seats can comfortably seat occupants regardless of their build. The rear seats also offer comfortable seating space with plenty of headroom and knee space. This combines with a clean design for the backside of the front seat headrests and seatbacks to create a pleasing sense of openness.
  • The seating position of the front seats is set closer to the sides of the cabin than the rear seats, and the hip-point of the rear seats is set approximately 40mm taller than on the front seats. As a result, the layout makes it easier for rear seat occupants to see out of the front and also to enjoy conversation with people sitting diagonally opposite in the front seats.

Vehicle Layout

  • With an overall length of 4,275mm and 2,570mm wheelbase, the CX-3 achieves both flowing proportions and adequate interior comfort for couples and young families.
  • Mounting the compact cabin toward the rear gives birth to KODO design’s distinctive long and beautiful nose, and creates an individualistic character.
  • The wide 1,765mm overall width and wheels positioned as close as possible to the four corners of the vehicle result in a track of 1,525mm in the front and 1,520mm in the rear, which emphasizes the vehicle’s powerful stance.
  • The overall height when equipped with the shark fin antenna is 1,550mm. The minimum ground clearance of 160mm gives it ample clearance to drive on unpaved surfaces. Along with the low vehicle height and wide track, the vehicle’s low center of gravity enhances stability when cornering or driving at high speeds. It also helps minimize wheel lift when making emergency steering maneuvers, reducing the risk of rolling the vehicle.
  • Large diameter 18-inch and 16-inch tyres further emphasize the appealing stance of the CX-3, while a minimum turning radius of 5.3m makes for easy handling around town and in parking lots.

Ease of entry and exit

  • The hip-point for the CX-3 is set at 599mm for the front seats and 639mm for the rear seats, achieving excellent ease of cabin entry and exit with a minimum of burden on people of any size, despite its relatively tall vehicle height.
  • The broad side sill garnish adopts a newly developed semi-overlap side sill structure that overlaps with the bottom edge of the door. It gives the side view a powerful look, and helps prevent occupants from bumping their legs when entering or exiting the cabin.
  • In addition, a diagonal cut introduced on the lower part of the rear door’s back edge makes it easy to clear the door with one’s hips, even when the door is only opened a small amount. This makes entry and exit smoother in tight spots such as parking lots.

Ideal driving position

  • The car’s low center of gravity provides excellent stability.
  • Each control device the driver operates directly is positioned in accordance with ergonomic studies of the bone structure of the human body aimed at finding the angle that delivers the greatest amount of comfort, ease and precision.
  • Taking advantage of the ample legroom created by the forward positioning of the front wheels, the pedals are laid out in ideal fashion for the driver to sit comfortably, extend their leg and reach the pedals more naturally.
  • Use of a hinged organ type accelerator pedal helps enable finer pedal control and smooth foot transfer to the brake pedal.
  • Optimization of the pedal shapes and the distance between them helps prevent fatigue, even on long drives, and makes quick and stable pedal operation possible.
  • The steering wheel’s 45mm tilt and 50mm telescopic range allows fine positioning adjustment.
  • Meticulous adjustment of the shift knob’s positioning on top of the floor console allows the driver to transfer their hand smoothly between it and the steering wheel, and to operate it smoothly and easily without applying excessive force.
  • The commander control is positioned where the driver can operate it intuitively by taking one hand off the steering wheel and lowering it to the floor console in a natural motion, and it employs a palm rest that promotes operating stability.

Storage space

  • For the front seats, a convenient open space located in front of the shift knob is ideal for a smartphone and includes a 12V power socket that makes it easy for the customer to charge their phone.
  • The top of the floor console houses a pair of large cup holders, while each of the front door pockets can hold a larger bottle, such as a thermos or one-liter plastic bottle, as well as store maps or other small items.
  • Rear seat storage includes seatback pockets on the back of the driver’s and passenger seats. The rear doors each have a pocket that can accommodate a 500ml plastic bottle.
  • Folding down the 60:40 split folding rear seatbacks also makes it possible to stow longer items.
  • The 63mm height difference between the bottom of the liftgate opening and luggage compartment floor makes it easy to load and unload large objects such as suitcases.

Head-up Display


  • Information from a display panel is reflected by a mirror and projected as a virtual image on a combiner; a clear display panel vertically mounted atop the meter hood.
  • To minimize the required eye movement and the burden of adjusting focus, the image is set to be in focus approximately 1.5m away from the driver’s eye point.
  • Vehicle speed, turn-by-turn directions from the navigation system and other important driving information, such as that from the advanced safety systems, are displayed in real tim.
  • Head-up Display is available on the Individual model


Responsive by nature

SKYACTIV-G 2.0L Petrol Engine

  • The new generation internal combustion engine generates more performance from less fuel. Precise multi-hole direct injection minimizes fuel use.
  • It is right sized and naturally aspirated for superb linear performance and excellent real-world fuel economy with a compression ratio of 14.0:1.
  • A unique piston design improves combustion to boost power and lower emissions. Reduced friction liberates extra power, while a 4-2-1 exhaust layout lifts efficiency.
  • The 4 –cylinder engine delivers a sporty 115kW of power and 204Nm of torque, using as little as 6.1 litres of every fuel 100km combined.

SKYACTIV-DRIVE Automatic Transmission & SKYACTIV-MT Manual transmission

  • The 6-speed automatic transmission combines the best aspects of conventional automatic, continuously variable and dual clutch transmissions.
  • It connects directly with the engine across a far wider range than other automatics for increased fuel economy and more direct power delivery.
  • The 6-speed SKYACTIV-MT manual transmission delivers accurate, sports-car style shifting through simplified design and a precision mechanism.
  • More compact and lighter than comparable transmissions, it significantly cuts friction to improve fuel economy.


  • Combines SUV advantages such as extra ground clearance and rough road capabilities with easy city driving, confidence on the motorway and fun in the curves thanks to a wide track and relatively low centre of gravity.
  • Refined MacPherson strut and rear torsion beam suspension for enhanced high-speed stability and comfort with stronger, firmer suspension bushings and different tuning for the springs and shocks.
  • Lightweight electric power-assisted steering system adapted for the CX-3’s size, centre of gravity and powertrains.
  • Ventilated front discs and solid rear discs for precise braking control in car parks and city streets, firm stopping power at high speeds and on winding roads.


  • New-generation design and materials maximise lightness while achieving high rigidity. Key joints are strengthened by advanced techniques requiring no heavy reinforcement. High and ultra-high tensile steel cuts weight and boosts strength. Despite being light, Mazda CX-3 delivers world class collision protection.
  • 63% of the body weight consists of high-strength steels (440MPa or higher).


Revolutionising the in-car experience

  • Driver-oriented layout, with key controls (pedals, gearshift, commander, etc.) positioned to feel like extensions of the driver’s body
  • Applies the heads-up cockpit concept to help the driver comfortably process all the available information and still concentrate on driving
  • Active Driving Display on the Individual model derivative, which shows real-time driving data like speed, directions, active safety warnings directly in the driver’s forward field of view
  • Instrument panel light dimmer
  • MZD Connect system with 7-inch touchscreen display is available on Dynamic and Individual models and is located on the dash above the centre stack positioned for safe and easy viewing of infotainment and communication-related information
  • Rotary commander on centre console designed to enable driver operation without taking their eyes off the road
  • BOSE® premium sound system on the Individual model
  • Rear parking camera on the Individual model derivative for easy parking, even in tight spaces


Intelligently protected

  • The CX-3’s SKYACTIV-Body gets added reinforcement reflecting the SUV’s size and weight with stronger floor panels to better absorb frontal impact forces and protect the cabin
  • It also has the same multi-load path structure as on other Mazdas to channel energy around and away from the cabin as well as front overhang providing a larger crumple zone, also preventing engine compartment damage from a mild impact to limit repair costs
  • Pretensioners and load limiters standard on four seatbelts
  • Standard front, side and curtain airbags
  • Anti-whiplash front seatbacks support the head during a rear impact
  • Door trim optimised to minimise shock to the abdomen during a side impact
  • Remote central locking
  • Left and right ISOFIX anchors for rear seats
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) on Automatic transmission models only
  • Emergency brake assist (EBA)
  • Electronic brake-force distribution (EBD)

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 3.15.07 PM

Mazda Care

The All-New Mazda CX-3 is designed and built to the highest standard of performance and reliability. This standard is backed up by a 3-year unlimited kilometre factory warranty. To provide complete peace of mind motoring, a 3-year roadside assistance, a 3-year service plan and a 5-year Corrosion Warranty are also included.

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