Driving Performance – The Mercedes-AMG brand promise and the typical character traits can now be experienced by an even broader target group. Mercedes-AMG 43 expands its product range with a number of AMG sports models. As an attractive entry into the world of AMG, the Mercedes-AMG 43 4MATIC models combine a 270-kW 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine with a permanent Performance all-wheel-drive system and sophisticated suspension technology adopted from the Mercedes-AMG C 63. The result is fascinating Driving Performance and the hallmark emotional expressiveness of the brand.

c43-amg-22_880x500The new Mercedes-AMG 43 sports models are available in the C-Class range as a sedan, coupé and cabriolet, and makes the extensive C-Class product line-up even more attractive. Further models in the Mercedes-AMG 43 range include four SUVs, the GLC and GLC Coupé, the GLE and GLE Coupé and an SLC 43 roadster.

A substantial number of product features differentiate these new AMG sports models. Even at first glance, the characteristic AMG body styling leaves no doubt that these models are part of the Mercedes-AMG family. Another indication for the new model strategy is found in the form of a special Biturbo badging on the front fenders, Mercedes-AMG logo on the front diamond grille and (for example) “AMG” (left) C 43 (right)” on the boot lid.

The 43 series models come with a powerful and efficient six-cylinder engine, this is identified by the AMG logo on the red engine cover. Other hallmarks of the 43 series derivatives include special transmission tuning with shorter shift times as well as AMG-specific axle designs and suspensions, powerful brake components and other various interior/exterior distinguishing features, confirming the models as typical AMG vehicles that fully meet the brand claim of “Driving Performance” while authentically representing the brand in the respective market segments.

c43-amg-25_880x500Engine: 3.0l V6 Biturbo 270 KW

At the heart of all Mercedes-AMG 43’s is the 3,0l V6 bi turbo engine delivering 270 kW of power and 520 Nm of torque.  With AMG expertise – the AMG engineers have made the engine timing even sportier. The result is a special and particularly emotive 43-style feeling with additional performance thanks to a higher charge pressure.

  • Crankcase (engine block) and cylinder head of lightweight aluminium for less weight on the front axle and more agility
  • Twin turbocharging with one highly responsive turbocharger per cylinder bank and water/air intercooling (cooled air has more density)

9G-TRONIC Sports Transmission

All models in the Mercedes-AMG 43 range include the 9G-TRONIC sports transmission featuring:

  • nine forward gears – this automatic transmission takes efficiency, comfort and dynamics to a completely new level and impresses with very fast gear changes. The 9G-TRONIC also helps to reduce fuel consumption with shortened shift times.
  • Multiple downshifts for fast sprints
  • AMG DYNAMIC SELECT for selecting five transmission modes for adjustable shift characteristics

AMG Sports Suspension based on AIR BODY CONTROL

All Mercedes-AMG 43 models feature the AMG Sports Suspension based on AIR BODY CONTROL as standard. The sports suspension provide two suspension levels with the Adaptive Damping system. The driver can thus adjust the damping characteristics to the driving conditions – from comfortable cruising to a sporty driving style:

  • Two suspension levels at the push of a button: “Comfort” and “Sport”
  • AMG speed-sensitive sports steering with 2 sets of steering characteristics for a sporty, taut or comfortable steering sensation depending on the suspension setting

c43-amg-2_880x500AMG Performance 4MATIC

The AMG Performance 4MATIC feature comes standard on all Mercedes-AMG 43 models, except the SLC 43.

The C 43 sedan, coupé and cabriolet, and the SUVs 43 4MATIC, including the GLC and GLC Coupé, GLE and GLE Coupé feature AMG Performance 4MATIC with AMG-specific power distribution of 31% to the front axle and 69% to the rear axle for enhanced driving dynamics and improved traction when accelerating.

AMG Sports Braking System

Large-sized braking system with internally ventilated compound brake discs, front brakes perforated and measuring 360 mm in diameter, with four-piston fixed calliper painted in silver and with “AMG” lettering, and rear brakes measuring 320 mm in diameter and with single-piston floating calliper.

AMG Dynamic Select

AMG DYNAMIC SELECT transmission modes – “Eco”, “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Sport+” and “Individual” – with AMG-specific parameterisation, giving the “S” and “S+” transmission modes an extremely dynamic configuration.

AMG Sports Exhaust System

Included as standard for the entire Mercedes-AMG 43 range is a sports exhaust system with sportier engine sound, double-declutching function during downshifts in “S” mode, audibly emphasised double-declutching during downshifts in “S+” mode.

AMG Sports Parameter Steering

With a variable steering ratio, the AMG speed-sensitive sports steering supports a dynamic style of driving. The 2-stage speed-sensitive steering ensures adjustment of the steering characteristics depending on the setting for a comfortable or sporty steering sensation.

  • selectable steering characteristics (Sport and Comfort) for a comfortable or sporty steering sensation
  • precise, agile handling thanks to direct ratio and optimised response time
  • AMG-specific tuning of the manual torque for a sporty driving sensation

Sporty look with model-specific details: the interior design

The interior reinforces the sporty nature of these models with numerous specially designed details. Ideal for a committed driving style, the multifunction sports steering wheel in black leather features a flattened bottom section and red contrasting topstitching, and fits especially well in the hand.

The enhanced lateral support offered by the sports seats keeps the driver in a secure position even when pushing the car to its limits. The upholstery in ARTICO man-made leather/ DINAMICA microfibre and the dashboard in ARTICO create an exceptionally sporty ambience. The man-made leather is also used on the beltlines, the armrests, the door centre panels and the centre console. Red contrasting topstitching, designo red safety belts and black floor mats with red edging add attractive highlights. The trim in light longitudinal-grain aluminium embedded in the dashboard and the doors provides effective contrasts.

c43-amg-3_880x500The AMG instrument cluster delivers all relevant information in a clearly arranged layout optimised for a dynamic driving style. For a sportier look and feel, these models feature two tube-shaped round dials, 11.4 cm (4.5-inch) multifunction colour display, RACETIMER and 280 km/h scale in chequered-flag design.

Value proposition

As of 01 January 2017 production, all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, including models from the Mercedes-AMG 43 range, feature the incredible “Mercedes me connect” service offering.  “Real solutions for customers – our Mercedes me connect standard services takes the strain off the driver in many ways,” adds Govender.

  • Assisting with vehicle diagnostics or vehicle breakdown or accident. In such cases, all relevant vehicle data, are sent to the supporting centre, and where necessary, additional measures are triggered. This could mean calling your servicing dealer to book your next service appointment, or summoning rapid aid from roadside assistance or emergency services.
  • The services available include Maintenance Management, Telediagnostics, Breakdown Management, Accident Recovery and the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system.

There are numerous additional services outlined in a separate release attached.

The class-leading PremiumDrive 6-years/ 100,000 km maintenance plan is activated, through the Mercedes me connect service offering.

SA Pricing 

Mercedes-AMG C 43 4M sedan                  R858,400

Mercedes-AMG C 43 4M coupé                  R928,100

Mercedes-AMG C 43 4M cabriolet            R1,050,300

Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 roadster               R1,037,400

Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4MATIC              R960,400

Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4MATIC Coupé  R1,070,900

Mercedes-AMG GLE 43 4MATIC               R1,206,700

Mercedes-AMG GLE 43 4MATIC Coupé   R1,297,500

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