Editor: Jason “The Bok” – Date: 30 June 2016

As an automotive reviewer, my daily life is spent driving and reviewing some of the most exciting automobiles on the road. It is thanks to this childhood obsession with transportation, that I am always looking to explore the next vehicle.

Mini Jeep - TB2Sometimes however, you just feel like driving something a little less serious than a large manufacturers vehicle which costs a small fortune, sometimes you just want to drive something without a care in the world, welcome to the mini Jeep.

Mini Jeep - TB5Like something out of a WWII movie, the mini Jeep brings to life off road run and adventures and puts you as the driver, in the seat of an old military ground.

Mini Jeep - TB4

With is 150cc motor, lights, indicator and off-road wheels and horn, the mini Jeep remains light and agile enough to conquer just about any terrain. Inside things are very sparse, but with its rugged off-road character, what more can you expect?

Mini Jeep - TB1

Mini Jeep - TB3When all is said and done, it is often the little things in life which make a big impact and despite its size, the mini Jeep certain has a very big personality.

Watch my drive in the mini Jeep in collaboration with FlashSound Photography:


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