Editor: Jason “The Bok” Date – 19 April 2017

2017 marks the return of a double cab pickup which has long concreted its name as a solid, reliable and loved performer, the Mitsubishi Triton.

Built From The Ground Up

The latest Triton on the block is new on every front. With modern looks characterised by sport, the body looks bold and stylish, while still retaining its air of rugged tough appeal. With its imposing chrome nudge bar at the front and chrome centre bar, as well as curvaceous lines, it’s easy to see the all-new Triton’s stylish lifestyle appeal.

1 Much More Than A Pretty Face

When I mentioned that the Triton is new from the ground to the top, I mean it! This latest generation Triton features Mitsubishi’s new 2.4-litre turbocharged diesel engine. Owing to the fact that it is comprised of an aluminium block, its light and feels far more nimble on its toes than the previous generations.

3The new powerplant is 30 kg lighter than the motor used in the previous Triton and manages to offer even more grunt with its 133 kW of power and 430 Nm of torque.

There are two types of transmission variants to choose from, either the six-speed manual box or the five-speed auto. I spent time discovering the automatic variant and found it to be a very solid performer. In traffic flow situations, the automatic does such a great job, you honestly forget about the large size and capacity which the vehicle offers.

More Luxury Sedan Then A Workhorse

The cabin in the all-new Triton is very well appointed and exceptionally comfortable. With its wealth of leather-wrapped, high-quality surfaces and incredibly comfortable seating throughout, any journey is a pleasure to complete.

4Overall interior ergonomics are impressive and seating space is both generous in the front and rear passenger cells. Multimedia is delivered through Mitsubishi’s touchscreen based media system, which delivers media through sources such as USB, Disk and also allows for the connection of Bluetooth mobile devices.

The system is not quite as modern as the Sync touchscreen system offered by the likes of Ford within the Ranger series, however, it is still easy to use and very functional.

5Impeccable Road Manners

Despite its high ride height and rugged appeal, the all-new Trion offers an incredibly good ride on the road. There were several occasions in which I was convinced that I was driving a luxury rather than a large pickup truck. Apart from its on-road manners, the Triton is a very solid performer when the surfaces get rough.

With the Mitsubishi rotary Multi-Select off-road system, changing to four-high can be done on the fly, while the vehicle can shift into four-low with centre-lock when stationery and even allows for the rear differential to be completely locked to send power to the rear, for when the going get monumental!

The Just Of It

The latest incarnation of the Mitsubishi Triton really does account for the time it took to arrive. In its range-topping variant to comes in considerably cheaper than the range-topping options from the likes of its nearest competitors and manages to offer seriously impressive bang-for-your-buck.

SA Pricing:

2.4 Di-D 4×2 (man) – R479 900
2.4 Di-D 4×2 (auto) – R499 900
2.4 Di-D 4×4 (man) – R539 900
2.4 Di-D 4×4 (auto) – R559 900  (As Tested)

Pricing includes a 3 year / 100 000 km manufacturer’s warranty and a 5 year / 90 000 km service plan.

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