Editor: Jason “The Bok” – Date: 06 April 2016

The French have always known how to make a compact car which is alluring to look at and loads of fun to drive, it therefore comes as no surprise that the 208 GT features these attributes.

208 GT-Line TBK-1From its bold styling, which includes a blend of red and black racing badges, all set beautifully into chrome body trim, the 208 GT Line exudes a bold presence on the road. GT badges are scattered throughout the body and really help distinguish the GT Line from the rest of the 208 line-up.

208 GT-Line TBK-3With its 1.2 L PureTech Turbo engine, the Peugeot 208 GT Line is able to output 81 kw of power and 205 Nm of torque. 0 – 100 Km/h is achieved in 9.8 seconds, but it is the way in which it’s achieved, which is most impressive. The turbo kicks in at all the right moments and coupling this with its sporting driving dynamics helps make the GT Line a great vehicle to chuck around the bends.

208 GT-Line TBK-4

The 208 GT Line features stunningly designed LED lighting, which look great during the day and at night. It is one of the few compact cars, in which I can honestly say that the rear light design, is as good, if not even better than the front to look at. It also sits very well on it’s semi low-profile tyres and smoked wheels with their red GT inserts.

208 GT-Line TBK-5

When you step into the passenger compartment as it’s called in the 208 GT Line, you are in for a ripe old treat, with suedes of different materials which all feel like nice quality to the touch, a racing style small squared off steering wheel and piano black and red panels, the GT Line’s interior really looks the part. The seats are in-part bucket styled, however they remain comfortable and I love the use of the red stripe through the seat-belt and continued onto the door cards.

208 GT-Line TBK-7

The centre of the dash features a large 7″ SMEG+ iTechnology multimedia centre, this allows media to be utilised through a variety of sources including radio, USB input, Bluetooth or 3,5mm audio jack. The SMEG+ remains a rather simple system to operate and offers up everything from trip computer information to other media and telephone related information. It also allows access to the worldwide web, image gallery viewing and telephone mirror link. The central climate control system however is operated using its own control panel, different to the way it integrates into the SMEG+ on vehicles such as the Citroen Cactus.

208 GT-Line TBK-2

Overall summing up the Peugeot 208 GT for me is rather simple, if you are looking for a vehicle which allows you to showcase you style, alluring charm and flair while remaining a sporty drive at the same time, the 208 GT Line is a great vehicle to consider. I found the GT Line rather thirsty using it in urban surrounds, but this often is the case with a sporty hatch, as you tend to drive them rather vigorously.

208 GT-Line TBK-6

With a price starting at R284,900 it sits amongst the VW Polo TSi ; Ford Fiesta EcoBoost Titanium and Renault Clio Turbo Expression to name a few of its close competitors. For me however its bold styling makes it a very exciting proposition.

Check out my video review to see what it’s like on the road:



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