Editor: Jason “The Bok” – Date: 27 Nov 2015

When it comes to a long distance driving machine, which looks both stylish and remains practical, I believe Peugeot have cracked it! The Peugeot 308 GT Line couples all of the attributes of a sensible family hatchback with the smoking hot looks and alluring appeal of a sporty GT car.

308 GT - TB1The French have always been good at producing a vehicle which offers bold styling characteristics and charm, while still remaining very clever at the same time. It should therefore comes as no surprise that the 308 GT Line offers some very unique styling of it’s own, and couples this with some unique elements.

308 GT - TB6 To start, the GT badge displayed offers many unique exterior body styling elements, such as:

– Twin style exhausts tastefully set in a piano black surround

– Large sporty dual tone rims

– Blackened mirror housings

– Full LED head/tail lights as well as exterior door mirror illumination lighting

– A beautifully detailed grill and a spattering of GT Line badges throughout the body

308 GT - TB3

Apart from the few styling characteristics listed above, the 308 GT Line offers an extremely sporty ride and couples this, with a luxurious cabin. With seats that massage you, as you waft along and materials including suede, perforated leather and racing red style stitching, the 308 GT Line looks and feels fantastic both in-and-out.

308 GT - TB8Power is dealt with in a very similar manner to that of the Citroen C4 Cactus, the vehicle which I drove in a recent review:

Citroën C4 Cactus – A Spike in The Right Direction

The 308 GT Line also offers up a 1.2 L Puretech e-THP turbo engine which delivers 96KW of power and 240Nm torque. It may not be the biggest engine, but the way it delivers the power is simply phenomenal. Power comes about in a very immediate fashion and everything just feels very effortless, making the 308 GT Line a pleasure to drive and a great long distance grand tourer.

308 GT - TB14The 308 GT Line will seat four adults comfortably and also offers class leading luggage load space within this segment.

308 GT - TB4Media and entertainment is dealt with thanks to Peugeot/Citroen’s Smeg+ multimedia interface, which is intuitive, easy to navigate and all operated with it’s 9.7″ touchscreen display. With a multitude of media sources including MP3, 3.5mm Audio Jack, Bluetooth Media and Radio, the 308 leaves little in the way of entertainment to be desired.  The display looks great both during the day and at night, as does the full LED lighting and DRL(daytime running lamps) offered on the 308 GT Line.

308 GT - TB9To conclude driving Peugeot’s 308 GT Line, it offers a fantastic smooth, powerful and luxurious ride. Having been able to experience it’s capability to commute from Cape Town to Plettenberg bay using just a hair’s breath over R400 worth of fuel and enough toys to keep anyone entertained on the journey, the 308 GT Line really does live up to the GT(grand tourer) tile on the badge that it bares.

Watch the driving video review below:





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