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To avoid any further confusion, let me interpret for you. LUV means Lifestyle Utility Vehicle. Very appropriate but I also believe that many of the young mothers who may drive these will come to LUV this (not so) little Suzuki Ertiga.


Every time I test a Suzuki, it emphasises the fact that they seem to have a perfect recipe for producing smaller, practical well-built and really honest vehicles at value for money prices. Well, the Ertiga hits that mark yet again.

So what is the Ertiga, and especially, what is a Lifestyle Utility Vehicle?  How about a vehicle that’s only 3.67m long but can seat up to 7 in comfort? Admittedly at the expense of luggage space, but this becomes more than adequate if you drop the rearmost 2 seats and make do with a 5 seater. During my test period, we travelled with 6 adults on board and all had more than adequate space and comfort, including those in the 3rd row. 

The Ertiga is powered by a 1.4l 4 cylinder that produces 70kW and 130Nm, figures that are right in the ball-park with many competitors (still no small turbo from Suzuki…….but I think that may change before too long). This may not be a powerhouse, but it certainly is sufficient for this vehicle.  As loads increase the only penalty may be a bit of extra use of the very smooth and easy 5 speed manual gearbox. If this is too much of a chore for you, then opt for the automatic version for an extra R16 000.

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Although at the very competitive end of the pricing spectrum, safety is fully provided with ABS and 6 airbags as well as the full complement of seatbelts including the 3rd row of seats.  Suzuki also cater for the more basic, people mover market category with the more basic GA model.  This is mechanically identical but minus many creature comforts but priced R26 000 lower.

In summary, as stated earlier, Suzuki’s recipe for providing honest, value for money vehicles is proven yet again.  If the Ertiga meets your requirements, take a look before putting down your hard-earned cash.

Article by: Alan Rosenmeyer – March 2016

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